Sounds from the Bardo vol. III "Liminal Dream" - Featuring Jennifer Dumpert

Sounds from the Bardo Vol. III “Liminal Dream” is an album that was recently released featuring Night Club guest Jennifer Dumpert.

The tracks are:

  1. Liminal Dream Meditation 55 (minutes)
  2. Liminal Dream (Phase 1 instrumental) 12:27
  3. Liminal Dream (Phase 2 instrumental) 12:53
  4. Liminal Dream (Phase 3 instrumental) 12:21


Trust your divinity, trust your brain, trust your companions.
Whenever in doubt, turn off your mind, relax, float downstream.
—The Psychedelic Experience LP

Sounds from the Bardo returns with Volume III, featuring music by Jeffrey Alexander (Dire Wolves, The Iditarod, Black Forest/Black Sea) and guided meditation from Jennifer Dumpert. The album is a fathomless psychedelic immersion, meant for deep exploration of inner moons, uncharted synaptic crevices and multilayered psychic realms. This new volume continues Psychedelic Sangha’s series of album-based immersive journeys into liminal states of consciousness—the bardo.

As always, your purchase enables Psychedelic Sangha to continue to offer free psychedelic integration and harm reduction services to the public.

Enter the psychedelic realm of the Misfit Seeker. Welcome home.


released October 1, 2021

Sounds from the Bardo Vol. III
“Liminal Dream”

Music by Jeffrey Alexander

Bamboo Saxophone, Moog Synthesizer, Electric Guitar, Talking Book Phonograph, Maestro Rhythm N Sound For Guitar G2, Fake Mellotron, Kaossilator KO-1, Space Echo, String Bells, Cassette Tape, and the sonification of a white dwarf star from NASA.

Meditation by Jennifer Dumpert

Artwork by Arik Moonhawk Roper

Produced by Ethan Covey & Doc Kelley

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p.s. I’m amused by this sticker which the Psychedelic Sangha store also sells: