Klee Irwin - Are we in a Simulation?

I like part 2 of this series. The rest (excluding part 1) require more effort to understand then I’m willing to put out :smiling_face:.

I highly recommend starting with part 1. It sets the tone for part 2 but if you don’t have much time though, part 2 has some interesting stuff in it.

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I don’t think that this guys head trips will save us from our ego-based planetary destruction. If we travel into space with our current level of spiritual consciousness, we will only take our destructiveness with us into space. Only spiritual evolution beyond our current ego-centric consciousness will save us.


Funny you mention that. This was on my watch list for the weekend. Was discussing it with my mom yesterday.

Question is, do we need to travel beyond Earth to continue our spiritual evolution based on the time we have left here and the rate of improvement for the planets spiritual evolution as a whole.

Semi-agree about the planetary destruction part, only semi because it seems like technology may bring back stability to the planet at some point - this is where I place my hope. Don’t think we will see the answer to this in our lifetime but I am glad companies like SpaceX are trying to implement a backup plan.

For this, I imagine being on Mars or even the moon and watching planetary destruction on a large scale, be it from war or blindy feeding off the Earth until it has nothing left to give or any number of other possibilities. Would this change the path for the ones observing such an event. If they had to observe 7 billion people and a beautiful planet die out before their eyes due to greed and spiritual disconnection would it force some kind of deep compassion to be born and as a result bring out a desire to be better?

So many questions and thought paths can be explored about what you brought up. Will be considering some of them today. Very good food for thought as I get ready to watch this documentary. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I will push back on this slightly, the extreme obsticle of space and space travel means we have to use collective egos, which helps keep the destructive parts in check. NASAs mission control isnt going to collapse just becuase some Karen at the water cooler is having a bad day.

I would also add that the only thing that rivals human destructiveness is human creation. And we are the only species that I know of that can create life in a lab, and bring back extinct species. The fact that we can manipulate and map our Genome is a Herculean accomplishment for our race.

And given the price of $5000 per kg of pay load, my guess is Humanity will only be launching its precious cargo into space, not its toxic baggage, at least for the next few decades.

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Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

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More and more knowledge without accompanying Wisdom and Compassion will not end well. We cannot think our way out of this box that we’re in. Love is the only way out.