Lana Sackwild - lucid dreaming expert/coach/hopefully a future Night Club guest...?

I’ve been following Lana Sackwild on Twitter and listening to/watching some of her stuff. She’s a lucid dreaming coach in Boulder, Colorado who has a very interesting personal history with lucid dreaming. She knows her stuff and has interesting perspectives on the subject.

She has interviewed some Night Club guests – she did an interview with Ryan Hurd and (very recently) interviewed Jennifer Dumpert.

Lana Sackwild’s website has a lot of material and links to her presence on various corners of the web.

A good introduction to her is the interview she did (as subject) on the “Is This a Dream?” podcast: Episode 5: Lana Sackwild – Real Life Magic

I think she would make an excellent guest on Night Club, and in any case is worth checking out.