Lily and the dream character

Just got done finishing this. The idea popped up during one of my drives to work. Hope you enjoy.


Love it! Epecially like the ending ladt 2 paragraphs. Really well done! Did you write this?


Thank you, as far as writing goes 50/50. I had the idea and wrote a short story had AI edit it then I went back through and re-edited for it to make sense. Repeated the process and then used an AI text to voice generator to read it.

It took me about 4 hours to complete the text and 20 minutes to get the audio to read correctly (with AI sometimes it merges words so you have to break stuff up with commas) to give an idea of my time spent on it.


Its really well done. Did you use chatGPT? or diiferent AI?


Thank you, .

I enjoy working on stuff with it because it allows me take an idea that I have and really bring it to the surface in a way that is understandable. In the past I’ve had trouble expressing things clearly which would often result in miscommunication, with time and some help I’m able to get my idea out in a way that is satisfying to the heart.


The technology is pretty mind blowing and amazing. Makes me wonder if they have already developed Top Secret AI with the abilities of intuition, awareness, and consciousness. If not, its onlyna matter of time. Government tech is usually 20-30 years ahead of what the public has access to.


Yes AI even in the public space is pretty incredible. A lot of it is open source so people contribute and modify it constantly which is drastically improving the rate of advancement. Something like chatGPT’s source code isn’t public but it is already incredible and Microsoft is funding the advancement of it.

With Google and LaMDA vs. Microsoft and OpenAI’s chatGPT in competition the advancements will be incredible in the next year or two.

The crazy thing is multiple AIs already passed the Turing test last year. When they passed the test people started trying to rewrite the Turing test :smile:.

The book I’m listening to now is about the possible futures with AI. It’s called Life 3.0 - Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. There is a pretty good narrator on Audible.