Lucid dreaming and spirituality? Daniel Love podcast

For me Daniel Love’s stuff is usually hard to get through because it gets combative and repetitive but I still follow him on YouTube because he sometimes puts out some really good videos. Just got done watching his newest and I thought it was pretty good and worth sharing.


Have you listened to his dialogue with Andrew Holececk here?


Yes, good interview :blush:. Andrew has a lot of great interviews one that you recommended that I hadn’t watched was with the Christian priest who discussed rainbow body I carried prejudice even though I heard Andrew mention how good the interview was a couple times in his book study. It was an interesting interview. Some of the stuff is over my head but worth the time. I’m still working on eliminating my prejudices towards religions I disagree with but it is tough. Maybe this was a small step forward for me.

One of the things that was interesting about this podcast is he gave own beliefs and explained his stance on lucid dreaming and spirituality which is something I haven’t heard him address before. A lot of people place him within the materialist space of lucid dreaming so it was good to hear his side also.


I forgot that the Tiso interview mentioned rainbow bodies. Its a really great interview, I need to go back a relisten to it a few more times, its full of a lot of great info.

Another interesting synchronicity:

I took about a week off from reading before going to bed. This week I picked up a book for the first time in over a week, It was Daniel Loves LD book. I had read the introduction page a few months ago and was really impressed, but had not touched it since then until this week (was bogged down by other books).

Have not watched this video but will this weekend.


I really liked this video. I always thought Mr. Love was an atheist. Now I am not so sure.

I respect that he does not disclose his personal beliefs. But I also wish he did talk more about his beliefs.

I like what he said about making money from spirtuality, but I would also counter that statement with the fact that if you dont help feed or clothe spirtual teachers, there will be far less teachings in this world.