Lucid Dreaming Deeper Dive support group (for those who participated in retreat)

What time is the support group meeting on Thur 28 Oct? I missed it last week as I’m getting my time zones all mixed up due to travel.

Thank you!



Noon Eastern Daylight time! Hope you can join Thursday, it was valuable last week.


Also, does anyone know if recordings of these meetings will be made available? If so, will they be posted under the course page? Perhaps @aalvarado, @Night.Club, or someone else might know? Sorry if I missed an email or announcement regarding this. Thanks everyone! Looking forward! :smiley:


Was the URL posted? Is it the same this week?

Thank you @mrredlin,

Yes, last week I was an hour and 10 mins late and waited 20 minutes before I realized that perhaps I had the wrong time. I was gutted as I had been looking forward to it and planned my day to make sure I wouldn’t miss it.

Best laid plans…

I assume same zoom as the Retreat.

But then again, you know what they say about assuming.

Hi Shirley!
Sorry we missed you last week! We will be on at 12 EST tomorrow. It is the same link from the retreat! Do you still have access to the link, if not I’m happy to send it over.
Hope to see you tomorrow!

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Hi there!
I did not record last week, I wasn’t sure if those who were sharing wanted to be recorded and posted online. (There we’re a couple things that seemed very intimate and personal shared) However, tomorrow I will make sure and ask and record from there.


Thanks @aalvarado! :partying_face:

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