Mooji : Must know difference between your self and your mind

Mooji : Discover The Difference Between Your Self And Your Mind
Discover the Difference Between Your Self and Your Mind - Invidious 12+ minutes

Partially transcribed from video:

[Dzogchen Rushen]
Be aware of your mind. What your mind is. What your mind produces.
But do not identify, just watch, be aware.

Gradually, by knowing you are not mind, you are watching mind,
[1:11] your attention comes back to awareness. You become naturally self aware.

A lot of times we are identifying with the mind, without intention [mindlessly]. Obeying the mind’s suggestions.

If you start to watch the mind, it automatically creates separation between mind and self.

You are observing the mind instead of just serving the mind, and acting out the mind.

So the mind becomes an object of your attention, and leaves you as the subject witnessing. That automatically throws you back into self awareness.

You MUST know the difference between yourself and mind.

[2:30] Mind creates thoughts, feelings, memory, projections, imagination, images. These are coming from mind. These do not actually belong to the present moment. They do not belong to anything around you. Everything around us is totally innocent. Everything is just as it is. But mind creates relationships and intentions and to do lists. So when you are conscious of that activity but not identifying with it, then you can see mind activity and you becomes naturally self aware, that you are not that mind or its activity. You are the witness of it. The more we do that the more we can be self aware. Not just mind aware.

You are aware of mind, you can work with mind, but you are shapeless [formless] awareness. And inside that there is a shape of the mind and activities. The background is the shapeless. …

We learn to rest and acknowledge the natural resting place and peace of the self.

Your being should not be governed by your mind. In the state of the functioning consciousness [mind], you should be in [as] the background awareness.

When you are self aware, your actions become cosmic manifestations, meaning they are actions that it [self] was made to perform. Everything becomes easy because you don’t have to plan that. Life is already supporting the activity, which is the cosmic manifest functioning.

The other functioning I call ‘mind generated activity’, which has no real fruit. Just the fruit of disharmony and suffering. The mind generated activity is where the ego lives. …

Conscious resting: let restlessness [or whatever] come and observe it with detachment. Even the voice that says “I can’t do it” is also something observable. …

[Life spontaneously]
The people you meet without planning, that is part of your cosmic activity. Things you cannot plan by mind. These are called “That which is ordained by God.” Everyone is living that, but not consciously. We prioritize our mental activities rather than cosmic functioning. …

You want life to obey your personal projections, but Life is flowing by itself. …
When I say that even disharmony is part of the total harmony, it means that even your mind-projected activity is swallowed up in the cosmic activity which makes use of it, but you will not benefit from it, you will suffer it because you are not conscious of where it is useful. Where it fails for you personally, it succeeds by God’s grace. He will use your malfunctioning to support something else in the intention of the cosmic functioning. Consciousness never wastes any of its activity. …

We are THAT, but in our expression, we believe ourselves to be the ego, which is a part of the total functioning, but a tiny narrow path, a little blip in the infinite scope of consciousness. …

When the mind is antagonistic to the ego and in service to the beingness, that is Lord of the mind, not the person [ego].


Thought there is no self . . . . :disguised_face:


There is a conventional sense of self that is a tiny blip of the [sem] mind, as Mooji describes. You are right, no self is a quality of ultimate truth, evident in the emptiness of nondual equanimity. Mooji is using Dzogchen Rushen as a practice pointing to the ultimate. There is no practice for the ultimate :slight_smile: Or as AH teaches just Open, Relax. I would add: Stay. Thank you :slight_smile:


Awesome video, thank you @sky :star_struck:

I really dig this guys way of articulating truth. Will have to watch the video a few more times to really appreciate its depth.



Its truely amazing how often our thoughts and emotions manifest as our ‘identities’.

Its a constant reminder to step back and take the ‘mask’ of persona off.


Thanks for this… :heart:
Peaceful Happiness…


Really wise words.

Went back last night and listened to this 2 more times, so good!


Me too it was really a successful pointing out, a joy to experience. Thank you for seeing it too :slight_smile:


Thoughts and emotions run the show way too much, and I dont notice for a long time or until next meditation. Just learned to use thoughts and emotions as the (ultimately nonexistent)self, when thinking about the no self and how to recognize what it is or isn’t.


Love this insight, and I think it can be extended to the people we interact with as well. Their thoughts and emotions too are not who they really are. Still takes a lot of practice in order to not get swept away by their mental winds.