Mugwort and wormwood

These are two cousins and common plants that from my personal experience defiantly have an effect. Mugwort basically grows everywhere here in Sweden. Picked its “buds” last summer, with wormwood I just used the whole plant, leaves and stem and soaked them in 40% alcohol. This one is the psychoactive ingredient in absinthe that I’ve read accounts of how some artists? writers? got slightly mad from. As that beverage is 70-80% alcohol that might also have had something to do with it :slight_smile: It’s commonly grown as an ornamental plant and my dad had some in his garden.

My dreams become more vivid and the sleep felt lighter somehow. A mild stoned feeling. For those who already are lucid dreamers, I could see how this effect would be very helpful. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me to breakthrough.

So is there any downside? Well, I felt a bit out of it the day afterwards, with a slight head-ache and I don’t feel this state was conducive for my meditation practice. So I will only use it very occasionally. I might have doses for a lifetime with my small bottles as i only used 0.5cl.


Spending every fourth Friday late night in a Dream webinar with Jennifer Dumpert and she professes to use Mugwort as an aromatic. I’ve tried it in a mask and in an old sock and it seems to help promote dreams—but not lucidity. Only Galantamine has worked for me to get lucid, at least up till now.

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Aromatic? Do you mean you only smell it? Wow that’s subtle. Cool to hear that some other people had luck with it.

Personally i’m not really into mind altering substances that much any more. But I found it fun and interesting to experiment with a plant that was growing all around me. Felt a bit like siddha-medicine or being my own mage.

Actually i’ve read somewhere that this herb was used by the witches to take off on their brooms. Which makes sense if it all happened in their dreams. In that case european dream yoga :woman_in_lotus_position::broom:


Hi, wormwood is in the Chinese Herbal Pharmacopeia. It is most often used to treat high fevers especially as seen with malaria because wormwood is very cold. Cold herbs can be hard on the digestion especially for people with a deficient spleen channel. It can lead to loose stool and other symptoms, if you have a strong digestion and want to try it, perhaps balance its cold nature with ginger tea.