New book: TheTibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep: Practices for Awakening

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche is coming out with a new TYoDaS book! This one is subtitled: Practices for Awakening. It is due out soon, August 30, 2022. @Andrew, you are quoted in the review section for this book on Amazon. Is this a re-do of the classic TYoDaS book, or does it contain new material? From the subtitle, can we expect more detailed instruction on the night and day practices compared to the original?


This would be a good question to ask in the weekly(ish) Q&A with @Andrew. I am curious about the answer!

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Arthur had a great suggestion! I can save this question for the next Q&A if you’d like me to @Dream_Hacker

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Yes, please do! @AlyssaModerator !

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I’ve got an answer for you!
Fair amount of new material, updated teachings, but also much from the original. So bit of both.


I now have the book and am mostly read through chapter 15 (“Lucidity”). It is a significant edit / rewrite of the Dream Yoga Practice section, and I think the 2 introductory parts. The sleep yoga section other than fixing typos has not been touched, according to the editor’s forward.

The clarifications in the Dream Yoga Practice section are worth the price of the book. The explanations are clearer, and Tenzin has relaxed a lot of the night-time practices to make them more approachable and easier to implement (while remaining no less effective, he says). He has incorporated his experiences of 30 years teaching dream yoga to a large number of students, many of the questions people had (including “how can you imagine that you’re dreaming when you’re awake?”) are answered.


It has a new cover.

Just ordered it, thank you for the reminder. Pretty cool that the Dalai Lama did the forward.


I agree it’s a timely update. My first experience with the book was via the audiobook, narrated by a female voice, giving it a different flavor than Rinpoche’s own voice—which I prefer. I thought it was curious that someone on one of the websites criticized his spoken English, not being able to reconcile it with the written word. :frowning_face:

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Hmm, seems like only the dead tree edition is available for the new edition (ugh), if you click on the kindle or audile links it shows the 1998 editions. I’m one of those weird people who vastly prefers e-books and audio editions, so hopefully it’ll become available in those formats before too long

Someone has to support the tree farmers. I hate to say it, but sometimes the best way to garuntee a tree not only gets planted, but also is cared for and lives a long happy life, is to consume papper products.

Check with your local library. Some offer free apps where you can download e books. Or you can bite the bullet and place a hold on the paper book through them, might be a long waiting list though.

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I like his voice as well. Not very authentic of the publisher.

It is my understanding they did the same thing to Andrew as well for his audio books. Thats bullshit.

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NightHawk999, regardless of whether or not “someone has to support the tree farmers,” as noted I have a strong personal preference for e-books/audiobooks (for many reasons), however it appears to be the case that the new edition is not available in digital formats for some bizarre reason. (Unfortunate, as it would be easy for someone to jump from the link for the new physical book to the digital links and mistakenly order the old edition.)

I’ve already ordered the dead tree edition, so the physical object in question will be shipped to me shortly. As someone who works in a library, thank you for noting that it is possible to borrow ebooks and audiobooks. I strongly encourage people to take advantage of this should they be so inclined. Thousands of libraries use the Libby app, which is a great way to read books.


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Glad to hear you bought the book :slightly_smiling_face:

I, too, have a general preference for ebooks, but I went to great lengths (international shipping using a shipping forwarder) to get this new paperback edition, and I’m really glad I did. It’s the sort of book that really lends itself to physical bookmarking and frequently re-reading many sections, as one’s understanding of the teaching of the practice matures.


@Dream_Hacker Coming back to your original question of the thread: does it contain new material? :slight_smile:


To partially answer your question @KhyungMar , read this post:

@Dream_Hacker , I would interested as well in knowing if there is significant new material, or if it is mostly a purification of the old text and material so it is more relatable?


The book arrived today. I flipped the pages open randomly and the first page it landed on was, made my jaw drop:

p85, chapter 12: The Four Foundational Practices

Not sure if you remember @KhyungMar , but that is the exact section that you recommended to me a few months back, via an ecopy of the old edition.

Reading it then had a profound impact on me, as did re-reading it today. Cant really express in words how meaningful that section was and is to me now. Very powerful, very deep, and reading it again with a little experience under my belt made it that much more impactful.

Thank you my friend :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been living inside chapter 12 The Four Foundational Practices for the last month. I read and re-read and re-re-read it almost every day. And every time I read it I find something new. Every sentence is a gem and a lesson in itself. It’s amazing how he describes profound, entire practices that can serve you your entire life in a sentence or two (“…turn awareness on itself, … try to be aware of awareness. Pay attention to what happens in that moment. Rest in that.” p.92). Your impressions mirror my own: very powerful, very deep, and impactful. And phrased so simply and clearly that anybody can do it. I will often spend a day or even a week or more putting a single sentence into practice. Whenever I’m not sure exactly what I should be doing in any moment related to the practice, I just choose one of these sentences (I’ve memorized a number of the key ones) and start doing it.

I made the decision to make the Four Foundational Practices my key, central, main LD practice, and to stick with it for years, or perhaps forever. I’ve been doing it for going on a month now, and I can already see changes to how I approach and react to waking life situations. Where before I could easily get lost in torturing stories of grief and sadness and blow some small event way out of proportion, now I recognize the reaction as originating within my own mind, recognize the fact that I’m dreaming it up out of nothing, and just let it dissolve. When the situation involves another person, I focus instead on generating compassion, kindness, and respect. It’s very liberating!

I had two LDs two weeks ago, after not having had any for two months prior. My recall is also improving bit by bit.

Also important, as TWR writes: be consistent, be patient, maintain an open/easy/relaxed attitude about the practice. Don’t take it too seriously (the practice itself is a dream, after all!).
Don’t “work hard trying to make results happen,” let the results come to you, trust that they will.

I’m so glad that you have found the new edition so meaningful and impactful. :slight_smile:


I think the changes are significant. I don’t know if that classifies as “new material,” but the changes in the night practice make it a wholly new practice in my mind. The new book is worth it. It is a self-contained description of a lifetime practice with enough concepts and practices to work on for years and years. The clarifications and re-wordings and re-emphasis make it much more approachable IMO.


That is really funny that you mention that, becuase that was the first thought that came to my mind when I read that section 2 weeks ago, that I should read this chapter every day, becuase there is so much depth within it.

Great advice. I think its time for me to start reading and re-reading it, until Imcan memorize it. They are holy words.

I had very similar experiences. When I first read it this summer, and began to put it in practice, it had radical transformation. Especially in regard to dissolving emotions. So powerful.

I dont think that is just a coincidence :wink:

Part of me kind of wishes there was a book club on this site not just for Andrews books, but for this book, and other big name LD books.