🏈 NFL Quarterback Goes on Dark Retreat to Contemplate His Future

Andrew occasionally mentions doing dark retreats and how difficult, but beneficial they have been. I thought it noteworthy that Aaron Rogers, one of the greatest football players of all-time, is confounding critics and fans by going on a dark retreat to find out about himself and to contemplate his future. Not sure how this compares to Andrew’s retreats, but the idea has really spooked some people in the sports world.


“Of course, some of this hoodoo voodoo isn’t new to Rodgers. This is a man who openly spoke of his experimentation with ayahuasca ceremonies a few years back during a three-day trip to Peru. About one year ago – when his future in Green Bay was still a topic – Rodgers told McAfee of his 12-day Panchakarma cleanse, which includes induced vomiting and forced diarrhea as a way of flushing his system.”

Sounds like hes got a pretty open mind. I didnt know he did ayahuasca. Never heard of Panchakarma before.


Interesting, given what happened 4 plays into the new season!


I remember following this when I heard about it too. People were talking about it and I remember talking to some of my family when he did this. They said he left about half way through the dark retreat (he was scheduled for four days and left after two).

Had to check what happen to him (torn Achilles).

Ouch, Interesting series of events!

Edit: @_Barry I was just thinking about this. He was supposed to stay in the dark retreat four days, instead he tore his Achilles in four plays. Adds another layer to the strangeness.

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“Yeah, it’s a real thing, 100%,” Rodgers said whether retirement was still an option. “That’s why I think it’s going to be important to get through this week and then, you know, to take my isolation retreat. Just to be able to contemplate all things (about) my future and then make a decision that I feel like is best for me moving forward in the highest interest in my happiness.”

Perhaps his intuition or higher Self was telling him its time for a change.

They dont call it the “Achilles” heal for nothing. You fuck with that part of the body, and you can bring the greatest warriors to their knees. :frowning_face:

Disregard your ‘womans intuition’ at your own peril.