Do not watch this video


I am not going to watch it

I hate videos that put matrix coding artistically edited with the universe as the backdrop.

If it has any scenes where a solar eclipse turns into the eye of the universe, then I will definitely never watch it, that type of artistic symbolism has no meaning to me whatsoever.

No way in hell will you even get me to watch it

Posted this info from Reddit last month . . .


Yes it appears that Daniel Love has stolen Barry’s GILD method.

I really like how the video goes into the science behind why this is such a powerful psychological technique. I don’t think the Reddit post did that.

The Synchronicity is really crazy. Today before I watched this video, I was reaching for something in my closet shelf, and knocked an old stainless steel cigarrete/cigar case out of place. I had never used it officially, but now keep it as a momento/trophy of No Smoking (haven’t had nicotine in 5+ years).
Coincidence? I dont think so. The guy in the video said he used a similar small box.
I will definitely be making use of it this week. Hopefully will be able to report back in a few weeks with good results.

Thank you introducing me to the brilliant GILD technique, and the science behind it. I definitely feel GILDty about not utilizing it earlier :frowning:

Have either of you had success with it?

How many days of practice did it take you to produce lucidity from this technique?

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Yes, I liked the video.

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I just posted the video link. @_Barry had posted on the subject before.
I haven’t tried it yet but found the idea to be intriguing.

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I had a package but had no idea what it was. Was going to use that but unintentionally found out just before sleep, ruining the chance. Perhaps we can send packages to each other to use for this activity?



Good idea in general, but the last couple of times I received packages from the U.S., the local customs made me pay tax on it and in one case even opened the package. :frowning:


Maybe find someone closer to home.

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I am down to do this with you Barry. Are you located in the USA?

I don’t like the idea of going out and buying something though. Since we really don’t know each other that well. Maybe send something we already own and both value, that is within the $5-$10 range?

I am a little worried about what @KhyungMar said as well. But, if the post office opens the package and we find out, maybe we can repackage it, and send it to him, or vice versa?

Let me know what works.

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Check out this video in its entirety when you all have time. Would highly recommend it!

Thank you @KhyungMar for introducing me to his youtube channel, he has some pretty good videos. Video 13 was the first one I watched, and I was very impressed by his perspective. Have now watched 1-6. Hopefully will complete the rest of the series this week

I like this sinple techniques he outlines in this video.
@mbready mentioned this or something very similar in his AI drawing tool thread

I’m in the USA and the value should be no more than $20 including postage. The actual box “the thing” is in should be sealed so when taken out of the shipping envelope or packaging it should remain unopened for at least a month or more. No big production, just a guessing game to hopefully cause lucidity as suggested in the video. Messages could be exchanged with addresses. Outside the US? Probably best to exchange with someone in the same country. Should be fun, not a big deal.

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I would say a minimum of a year. Maybe 6 months, that way we can do another round at Christmas time. Time to celebrate Christmas in July :slight_smile:

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