Bob As Crazy Wisdom

For those familiar with the “crazy wisdom” notion:

Watch his video posted here and ALSO get curious with what’s arising in your body.

He is using Method somehow. ‘Transmission’ seems to be the the ‘flavor’ behind his words.

This just hit me like a ton of bricks that I had to log on with phone to share! No time to boot up a computer!


The prelude:
I ‘noticed’ his demeanor in the vid was a bit ‘off’ from my single other reference point to this concept I have labeled “Robert Thurman”.

What happened:
Ignorance and passion consumed that ‘noticing’ until today, just now, when I took a shower.

I’m literally bursting at the seams with an “AHA!”

My secondary lesson:
Realizing my impulsiveness/tangents seem to be driven by a fear of forgetting - which always happens when I don’t give ‘form’ to the impulse via imagined communication with others.

The insanity:
I’m imagining that I’m talking to people when it’s more probable that the ‘wordiness’ of my bla bla bla leaves my concretized wind in the “skip” pile :grin:

The Question:
I need an impossible outlet. :pensive: :cucumber:

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No video linked


LOL, are you suggesting I’m dreaming? ;o)

Thank you for sharing the image tho, re: my webinar question. Very thoughtful of you :black_heart: This lotus is actually/even relevant to Thurman’s talk on one level, esp the “graduate level seed sylables” part and what they represent. (solely based on my own unofficial noodling around, the colors for me).

The video is in the ‘parent topic’ of “Robert Thurman”. You had extensive convo there.

The NC platform hates add-on posts and yells at me anytime I add an additional post to a thread, even when it’s a different topic/aspect related to original, yet not related to my original post. So I thought to start a new thread under the “Robert Thurman” category. Given what I’ve seen of his teachings that were part of Andrew’s Bardo program, my curiosity was piqued about this weird dead-end path I imagine to be on.

See definition #3 for my use of ‘piqued’ - I struggle for the right words!

pique [ peek ]

verb (used with object), piqued, piqu·ing.

  1. to affect with sharp irritation and resentment, especially by some wound to pride: She was greatly piqued when they refused her invitation.
  2. to wound (the pride, vanity, etc.).
  3. to excite (interest, curiosity, etc.): Her curiosity was piqued by the gossip.

p.s. @Night.Club, curious if image is appropo for the public area given it’s based on the Boss’s other programs? Edit/Delete this question off as you please. Not coming from an elitist perspective but out of respect for Andrews other teachings and relevance to them.


I’m wondering, did you ever write poetry?

Note: I’d say the image above is a good example of “fair use.”


Hi @mycoses the Boss has no issues here.

PS. We like “replies” or “add-on” posts too :slight_smile:


@_Barry, lol no poetry!

That’s for mahasiddhas like Milirepa, who burst into sudden song! :wink:
Or as one Acharya said, “then we all become poets.”

Light-years from experiential poetry, let’s just say.

I perhaps do need to journal more tho.

ps, I got the newer translated version of the Songs of Milirepa ‘tome’, this one under guidance of Ponlop Rinpoche who blew my mind in the book “Mind Beyond Death”. What finalized that decision - I came across some reference saying how the 84 mahasiddhas (real? Archetypes?) ‘burst out into song’ and thereby made available the higher/highest teachings to lay people. Took it from the secrecy of the Monasteries and ‘those special few’ within the monasteries, and gave it “to all sentient beings.” :grin: