Nice to be here

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been consuming all the great content here in the Night Club for a while now, but have neglected this rich community aspect of the platform. I’m resolving myself to engage more, and take my practice to the next level and hope to do so alongside you all here.

Wishing you all health & happiness,



Welcome to the community! What’s your next level?


Thanks Barry! Good question. I’d like to give myself more opportunities to practice, i.e. have more regular lucid dreams. With a little more resolve and discipline around journaling, setting intentions, and really figuring out which induction techniques work best for me and committing to them I feel pretty good that I’d be able to increase the frequency in which I have lucid dreams. That and interacting here more with you folks, to learn from people and share experiences I think will bring another level of engagement that I haven’t had in the past.


You might want to check out the Dream Sharing Group meetings on Sundays. I often pick up tips there and listening to others sharing their dreams can be motivational.


I’ve been meaning to check it out! I’ll make a commitment to get to the meeting this Sunday. Appreciate the push Barry.