On a bridge between realities

Dream 12/10/22: I’m on a hovering bridge to no where. Buildings and structures are being demolished around me. I’ve been ticketed by the police. I lucidly look in to see who’s standing on the bridge… me/my ego, my shadow guide, little girl me, and my dog Mattie round out our foursome Self.

That morning I watched this Ted Talk by Chongtul Rinpoche

Lucid dreams as a bridge between realities

I’m on that bridge.


Had you heard of this Ted talk before?

If not, you may have had a Dream of Clarity, or a Premontion/Precognitive dream. If this is the case, then that is really big news. It means you are opening up more to the universe/God!


Really interesting choice of words. I have heard Andrew do a pun on the word nowhere, turning it into= NOW HERE.

I think he was refering to being fully present in the now. I think the teaching was saying that when you have turned off your agendas (the wheres you are heading to), It allows you to devote 100% of your energy and focus and awareness to the present moment, and be completely in the Here and Now.


Wow… I love that. In the dream it didn’t make sense to me that I would be no where on that bridge. NOW HERE! YES!


No. I had heard of the person and that morning after the dream my husband suggested I go look him up on YouTube. This particular video was the very first one to show up in the search results. So weirdly wonderful. The right information at the right time. Synchronicity at work.


I think it’s both no where and now here at the same time. Both meanings apply.


Definitely think it was sychronicity, and also I believe you had a precognitive dream or Dream Of Clarity. That is a big acomplishment. Andrew says he has these types of dreams all the time.

TWR talks about them in his masterpiece:

Chapters: 6 & 7

Robert Waggoner also talks about them in his book:


I believe it is chapter 12 or 13.

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I think you are right. I really love Andrew pun on the word Nothing, as being NO THING. Which in a way makes it everything!

I think a similar thing can be said about Nowhere. Where is nowhere? In a strange way it is kind of EVERYWHERE.

I have heard Deepak Chopra and other spiritual leaders refer to this as the Non-Local realm.

A wise man once asked me a riddle of “what time is now?” Took me a few hours of deep thought but eventually i got it. Might be a fun homework assignment for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! No where because consciousness is everywhere. What time is now… it’s eternally now… it’s always now. There is only now.

I have to thank you again for your expertise and spending time on my dreams. I’m very grateful!


Yes, now is the only time there really ever is. This teaching gives a most absolute definition of time, rather than it being relative.

The teachings on the Non-Local domain or realm really shattered many paradigms I had about time and space. It also expalins how there are things in this world that can travel faster than the spead of light, especially information.

For sure! I appreciate you being so open about your dreaming, and your dreams and drawings are so cool and have so much meaning and depth. Its very inspiring to see how God/the universe/the collective consciousness has communicated with you. Its definitely helped increase my faith, and shown how powerful these nocturnal practices really are.

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Im a huge fan of ET, saw this video tonight, thought it was very fitting:

His youtube channel is really good, lots of wise teachings.


OMG… yes! I love this.


Good summation of TWR’s basic practices, taken from his seminal work:

From The current issue of “The Lion’s Roar” magazine, with a substantial readership.


Aewsome, thank you for sharing that. So much profound wisdom in that teaching. I have been meaning to Read this section of the book every day. Now that I have a digital copy, I have no more excuses for doing so.

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