PREMONITIONS, PROPHECY, and INTUITION (in dreams and wake life)

this one indeed.
I have had other dreams where there’s a feeling that it might be you, but I think it’s a mind thing, or a possibility. The one with the baby, I really felt your energy.

Amen (which means “may this or something even better happen”) :pray:t3:

great! I will send you the link when it’s done :slight_smile:


That was a really cool dream, and you picked up on things that you could not have known about me, so I think you definitely made a connection. And based off all the other synchronicities and the precognitive dream I had of Matt with the bus, I think we all ‘made contact’ in some really amazing ways! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:



having the following in consideration:

it’s even more AMAZING! :dolphin:



You have opened the floodgates of Synchronicities! This is wild! Deepak was the first author to teach me about synchronicity in this book:

On a whim of intuition about half a decade ago, I drove to a used book store, and this book was on sale for $1. I didnt like the title, but had heard good things about Chopra and really liked the cover art (follow your ‘cosmic compass’).

He blew my mind in so many ways. In the book he talks about the body being in a constant state of change like in the video. He also introduced me to the NON-LOCAL realm, which was life changing. He also talks about following your intuition and going with the flow using synchronicities as sign posts.


Love this quote.

Its amazing how meditation can change the mind and body.

“limbic resonance turns to limbic dissonance”.

Simple but powerful advice, cultivate good:


there’s a lot of limbic resonance here :heart_eyes:

here’s another wild synchronicity:
Early today, I saw a post of a “deer” friend of mine - he’s a musician and we have a co-creation going on… when it’s finished I will share it here, even though the words will be in Portuguese, but the vibration will be universal. He lives in the North of Portugal, where he shared about a mushroom that has many benefits, also to our cognitive function. This friend is a lucid dreamer and I believe that this mushroom helps in this - and also to cope well with a new born :dolphin:
here it is:

if you check it, you will be able to notice that even though the title has “and-side-effects” the mushroom does not, which is pretty amazing.

I thought of you because of our conversation about mushrooms the other day and for another “top secret reason” hihihi :rose:


Please, I am looking forward to hearing this :slightly_smiling_face:

I would expect nothing less from you :wink:

You are the second person in 6months to recommend this medicine. I want to try to get it in its natural form, not processed.

You are going to break my face from making me smile and laugh so much.


The 3rd person to recommend this mushroom (indirectly) was @fenwizard , who told me about a friend of his who is using this in a blend with some other medicinal mushrooms.

Once known as the “Mountain Priest”, Lion’s Mane has been a part of Asian culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine long before it was introduced to the west. Historically, it was reserved for royalty and cherished for its cognitive power by Buddhist monks."

A Complete Guide to Lion's Mane Mushrooms | Cascadia Mushrooms Blog.

Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Actually DO SOMETHING!


Powerful precognitive dream, might have been able to save lives


So a few days ago I had the thought come to my mind of why the hell does this channel not make a video on Smoking?!?!?!

Have they been paid off by big tabacco?

I thought about even emailing this idea of a video to them, but decided against it.

Look what video they posted 5 days ago that I was completely oblivious to until today:

Smoking is Awesome

Intuition works in mysterious ways.


A few days ago I looked at some photos of me and one of my oldest friends of the last time we met. The next morning I had an email from him. We trade emails maybe 1-2 times per year on average. The next night I had a very vivid dream about a chess tournament, where I saw someone I thought was from my old childhood neighborhood (like said friend). The next morning, I had another email from him about chess. Yeah, definitely not random!


So cool when this happens.

Very cool synchronicity, and dare I say, precognitive dream?

So I went to a book club for a religious textbook last week on a whim invite from a friend.
I meditated on a really good question to ask there.

The question in my mind was something like:
“is there any place in this holy text where it gives a detailed description, or roadmap of who your Deity is?”

Right before the end of the presentation, before questions, the guy says “there are 3 ways to know our Deity”, and then basically went on to explain the roadmap of exactly what I was looking for, Pretty mind-blowing experience, almost like this man was reading my mind… :exploding_head: