PREMONITIONS, PROPHECY, and INTUITION (in dreams and wake life)

“We have an interesting source on Ashanti dreaming in Captain Robert S. Rattray, a British “government anthropologist” stationed in the Gold Coast before and after World War I. Rattray became a passionate student of the Ashanti, who called this Scot “Red Pepper” because of his blazing red hair.”

sometimes @NightHawk999 , when there’s too much light, indeed we cannot see… it doesn’t mean we are blind though :cowboy_hat_face:


So in a way Robert kind of gave me the Tubman link (through you). Pretty cool how the Universe works. Thank you.

It is, now so more than ever. Lots of room to grow though, and lots of distractions.

I agree.

So True. Dreams are gifts from God.


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"who called this Scot “Red Pepper” because of his blazing red hair. Though sometimes baffled by the mobility of consciousness among the West Africans he interviewed, he did his best to record Ashanti dream practices.
“To the Ashanti mind,” Rattray explains, “dreams are caused either by the visitations of denizens of the spirit world, or by spirits, i.e. volatile souls of persons still alive, or by the journeyings of one’s own soul during the hours of sleep.” In the Ashanti language, “to dream” is so dae, which literally means “to arrive at a place during sleep” — implying travel.
For the Ashanti, dream incidents are real events. If you sleep with another man’s wife, for example, you are held to be guilty of adultery and may be punished for it. "

Very interesting. I am glad you made me go back and reread this part.



Would really love to know the details of this Premonition Dream, if you are open to sharing. I find it so fascinating how dreams can warn of serious dangers and be life saving!

One of the members in dream Sangha said during turbulent times in her life, she sees an increase in dreams. And in good times she has much less. Thought this was very interesting observation.


Patricia Garfield - The Healing Power of Dreams (excerpt)

“we tend to listen to the authority outside…”


this is one of the beauties of working with intuition - in the awake state and in dreams - you get your authority back. I LOVED this video… it has a synch… my mother had a wrist issue in Decemebr and she kept always following her intuition… no matter what the doctors were saying… she’s highly intuitive… with no effort… her only practices are to pray, contact with nature and animals and honoring her life experience.

I sent this video to Charlie Morley because one of his heart projects is helping people to heal physical ailments with the help of lucid dreaming / or dreaming.


Charlie spends much of his time working with veterans, worldwide, and other people who have been traumatized and his heart and his methods are notable!


indeed. notable.
here’s a remarkable study from scientists who had Charlie conducting the Lucid Dreaming Teachings and Practice:
here’s a quick review of the study:

the results of out ground-breaking peer reviewed scientific study in which 85% of participants experienced “a remarkable decrease in PTSD Symptoms” by using lucid dreaming to transform their nightmares.

The results of the study were highly significant with over 85% of the participants no longer being classified as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (using the self-report PTSD Checklist for DSM-5 ).

Lead scientist of the study, molecular biologist Dr Garret Yount, from the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California said

“These results are truly remarkable and highly significant. Immediately following the study, the average PTSD score dropped well below the PTSD symptom threshold and stayed this way four weeks later.”

Check the graph:

Charlie Morley, the British lucid dreaming teacher and 2018 Churchill Fellow who was facilitating the study said

“This truly is a breakthrough in trauma treatment. Although it was a only a 49 person pilot study, it seems like lucid dreaming has the potential to be one the most powerful treatments for PTSD currently available.”

Organic chemist Dr David Hamilton who was a scientific consultant on the study said

“The results of the study are so compelling that I had to look twice to check I wasn’t misreading the numbers. The research shows that lucid dreaming can be a very potent therapy for people who suffer from PTSD.”

One of the participants said:

“My nightmares have gone away! I feel like a new person – thank you!"

The results of this 2022 pilot study were so significant that a much larger 100-person randomised controlled study was completed by the same research team in April 2023 and the preliminary results are very encouraging!



Indeed, I was part of that study and it was an exhilarating experience, particularly with the support systems in place, allowing so many folks with PTSD to access Lucid Dreaming/Dream Yoga practices compared to a control group, who received the same practices and support when the study was finished.


UAU!.. thanks for sharing that “deer” barry :heart_eyes:


A cosmic compass that will never lead you astray if you listen wholeheartedly :star_struck:

Charlie rocks! Was so happy to see the results of his study and how successful it was at decreasing PTSD symptoms in such a short amount of time. He is doing Gods work!

The nigh terrors and nightmares these veterans experience are horrifing and torturous, to be able restore harmony to dreams is priceless, Charlie is a miracle worker.



Here is the story of the lady I met at the gym and talked with:

This happened on saturday night (around the time of the full moon)

I struck up a conversation with this woman because my intuition told me she may had had some interesting dreams in her life. When I asked her if she had ever had a dream that predicted the future or a dream of a deam loved one, she kind of gave me the run around. I didnt press her, and we switched the topic to religion.

Eventually she went to talk to a friend, and I did the same. Then abut 5min later, while I was talking to someone else she walks up to me and looks me in the eyes and says I need to tell you about this dream, I think you will appreciate it. I was all ears and eyes, she had my attetion 100%:

The dream:

She is in a graveyard in the daytime. She walks up to an open grave, there is a glass window so you can look down into the grave, and there 6ft down in a tuxedo is her husband dead. The grounds keeper (who her intuition said was Jesus) said to her from the fence to “keep her distance.”

She woke

Can you guess what happened 6 months later?

Think hard before I tell you…

She was a mother of 7 children at the time.

When she woke she told her husband the dream.

Her intuition told her it was not foreshadowing his death, but that he was going to leave her. She told him this, and he said that was absurd.

6 months later he left her. Her youngest child was a 5 year old girl whose last memory of her father was asking him “why are you leaving us?!”

She successfully raised those 7 kids by herself, the 5 year old girl is now in her 20s and in college. The father never sent them any money or child support, nor did he ever attempt to contact her or the kids again. He was dead to them, without having left the material world. A grave with a window, powerful symbolism.


What a great service . . . .


so glad to know you are following your intuition :heart_eyes:

powerful presence I felt here! “ai caramba!”

Yes, I guessed that there was a death… thought it was his death but as you say, somehow it was his death in their lives.

amazing woman :slight_smile:

when you mentioned this I came back to that video you shared here… a portal…

thank you for sharing and for following your inner voice.
today I followed my inner voice and at the spa (after swimming) I came across with a room rented to a company of Human Resources Management. My inner voice told me to speak with someone and share that I’m a Lucid Dreamer Teacher. I chose a man in a room with eight people. After asking him if he was available to speak for 2 minutes, I said that I’m a Lucid Dreamer Teacher and that perhaps the company (who seamed very ahead) could help me somehow. He looked with his big eyes at me and said, this company cannot help you, but… and what about Astral traveling? I nodded my head in confirmation… and he was in awe… he said he is a lucid dreamer but still cannot get out of his body. I gave him some infallible instructions, if has the commitment. and then he said “WILD!” and I commented “Yes, life is so WILD! From all these people I chose you to speak with.” :star_struck: LOL it was AMAZING.



Youre good, I am impressed you picked up on that :star_struck:

Yeah she was. She said her faith and connection to God was what helped her through those very difficult times.

Love this story. It is truely amazing what happens when ego takes a seat, and we let our cosmic compasses take the wheel…

I love it when you get WILD with people :star_struck::cowboy_hat_face: :star_struck:

So glad you shared this story, its a great reminder to trust what is deep in our ‘bones’, and its really amazing how this can powerfully connect us to complete strangers (and in some cases be completely life changing)!


I have always felt that if you sat down and talked to anyone you meet on the street, that their story would likely amaze you, but we rarely do that.


Amen. Great mind thinks alike my friend. It would not just amaze, but also make it nearly impossible to pass judgement. I think we have far more in common with one and other than most people realize…


I believe it’s the great thought that attracts the mind rather than the reverse . . .


I have a new project with a dear friend - who lives in Portugal with his family but is originally from the UK, to go into the streets and connect with people in English (we have many foreigners in Portugal especially in Lisbon), to ask questions, receive answers and make videos of it - to post it after at “Positive Portugal”… we’re still finding the best date for two very optimized agendas… but whenever we speak about this, we smile and happiness becomes very present. I am looking very forward to be doing it and when we have our first video I will share it here.
I have done a podcast with him, which he gave the name of “Dare to dream with Vanda Pereira” :heart_eyes:

I have felt your presence in a dream remember? it was just imagining all of that matter, looking into someone! hihihi :star_struck:


This is so cool, I am really excited to see this video! I think it is a brilliant idea!

That sounds like a future bestselling book title :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

The dream with the baby, or a different dream? :heart_eyes: :innocent: :heart_eyes: