PREMONITIONS, PROPHECY, and INTUITION (in dreams and wake life)

Well said! :v::heart:


Looking back on my experiences, those events radically changed the way I viewed the world. Its amazing how 1 big dream can completely alter your reality!

Going back to seeing the silver lining in things, had I not met that pervert, and had the premonition dream, I may never have stumbled onto Andrews work, or seen just how deep and sacred dreaming is.

Amen, it is so easy to let these monumental momements be swept under the rug by societal critcism or mainstream opinions. You cant have these types of converstations with a lot of people, they will roll their eyes, or their eyes with glaze over with oblivion as they ignore what younare saying, or theynmay even turn hostile and call you crazy. Thank God for this community and Sacred Sangha!

I am really happy you followed your intuition and reached out to them, to often we ignore it, and it can be costly. I appreciate your kind words, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Michele1 here are some of the precognitive dreams I had in the past.

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Lost a friend last year to a tragic death.

I dont know if this was a precognitive dream or not, but remember it being more vivid than usual, and strong emotion:

I went on vacation to Australia with her. We drove 4 wheelers, away from the nice hotel, onto an empty a beautiful beach full of sun and the big ocean. Very happy feeling, joy, beautiful shore line. Lightness, traveling fast. She was either riding on back of my 4 wheeler or on her own.

I went back to the hotel, and could not longer find her.

Cant place the date (my comp died that had the journal entry on it), so not sure exact date this happened, but pretty sure it happened very close to the time of her death.

My gut wondered about the travel theme, and its symbolism, and wonder if it had connection to death here, and her passing.

Patricia Garfield writes about this symbolism in great detail, between Death and Travel senarios.

"Of course, the places you travel to in your vacation dream are seriously significant — as well as the luggage you carry. According to Astrology Answers, dreaming about lying on a relaxing, exotic beach might mean you feel bored in your daily life, or just want some time to unwind and take some time for you and your thoughts. Much more unexpected, a beach dream could also symbolize “a desire to return to the mother’s womb,” or feeling underwhelmed in your life.

Read More: What It Really Means When You Dream About A Vacation"

" 5.

You’re experiencing some sort of ending.

Crashes or accidents in travel dreams can also mean something is on the verge of coming to an end in your life (or already has), Loewenberg notes.

The theme of endings existing within travel dreams can also relate to life stages and death, Ellis explains. “They can, at the far end of the journey, indicate preparation for death. There are many accounts of dreams easing people into the final stages of their life, preparing them in ways that tend to be calming and spiritual,” she notes."

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Traveling? 7 Reasons | mindbodygreen.



In the link you posted:
“We know that many terminally ill patients also report being aware of or seeing deceased family members, friends, and even pets, in the room with them, coming to help usher them out of this world.”
I’ve had experience of hearing about this happening to people. And in the Christopher Robertson videos in post Deeper Messages In Dreams with his Grandmother who said her (deseased) husband was standing at the bottom of her bed.

It appears your dream was precognitive and most likely happened close to the time of your friend passing.

In my interpretation Australia is about a far off place. Holidays are places to retreat.
An empty beautiful beach; is the abundance of open spacious awareness, realising the boundary between emotion and reality. Hapiness & joy; looking good & positive. Sun; enlightenment & attaining spiritual knowledge. Travelling fast; happening soon or need for speed. 4 wheeler; ones drive is grounding. Anything to do with “back” means past. :pray:t2:


I think so too. She is an anomaly in terms of dream characters.

The only other dream I had with her in it was a few weeks prior about eating chocolate chip bagels with her in public shop.

I told her about that one and she said her mom used to make her chocolate chip bagels. (I had never heard of this type of bagel before!) Not a food she would ever eat these days, but I guess did so when she was young.

Glad you picked up on this. I did too. My view was this:

Australia= World DOWNUNDER (common phrase in USA to refer to Australia) another way of phrasing that would be 'Under World"

Well said, almost to the point of ‘dissociation’ sometimes.

It was a beautiful dream. Tough to put into words but the beach part was blissful.

Writing this now, i was hit with the insight that really hit home:

Beaches were her favorite spot, her ‘heaven’, and swimming was her favorite activity. Was a perfect sport for a final destination.

Very observant. When I first had it I rember thinking it was a precognitive dream about a future trip or activity we would do together.

(Also worth noting, I have never driven a 4 wheeler on the beach before)


The beach in my dream interpretation is the ultimate destination. Beach is the midpoint between cosmic consciousness (sea) and landing that (land) like the Buddha talks about finding the middle way.


Brilliant, appreciate you saying that.

There was a happiness and joy and levity to the beach drive that I think supports this greatly. Happier than any real life memory I have of her.


Back in September I had I dream about an acquaintance who I only see at the gym. Heres the dream:

He is floating underwater face down in a pool. There are a few people in the pool looking at him.

end dream

It was short, and the tone was neutral and odd, but concerning. There was not a negative emotion in the dream or negativity. But the strangeness of it made me worry that it might be foreshadowing something darker, and it made me wonder if the guy was ok, especially because I had not seen him in a few months. I asked another person who knew him if he was ok, and they said “he is still posting to Instagram”, and that the most recent pic were from Las Vegas.

A few months later, I finally ended up seeing him again in December.

I asked him about the trip, and what was his favorite memory.

He didnt give me a specific, but said drinking and hanging by the pool was fun.

I asked him if he went swimming and he said yeah. Then I told him about the dream I had about him.

He said he frequently lays face down in the water like that when he is at a pool. He could not remember if he had done it during that trip to Vegas though (I think the booze was flowing freely). This is not a common behavior, but I have at least 1 or 2 people do it before in pools where there wasn’t a lot of people around and I thought they were drowning, when they were really just relaxing.

He may have been pulling my leg, but I don’t think so. I had 3 precognitive dreams around this time, and I think this was the 3rd.


Borrowed this from a deer friend of mine:

""Confirmation from the Dalai Lama: Dreams Open Trails in Life

An electric moment in the dialogue between H.H. The Dalai Lama and western scientists at the 1992 Mind Life conference. The Dalai Lama, a practitioner of dream yoga, took the discussion right to how “dreams of clarity” can get us through worldly life by describing how precognitive dreams helped Tibetans escape to Indian after the Chinese invaded. The Western scientists seemed to be floored by this revelation.

Dalai Lama: “I know some Tibetans who lived in Tibet prior to the 1959 uprising. Before their escape from Tibet, they did not know about the natural trails and passes by which to get over the Himalayas into India. Some of these people I met had very clear dreams of these tracks and, years later, when they actually had to follow the actual trails, they found that they were already familiar with them because of the very clear dreams they had had previously.”

See Francisco J. Varela, Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying: An Exploration of Consciousness with the Dalai Lama"’


Premonition dream from movie:


I had forgotten that part. Good remake/extension of “The Naked Runner” made years earlier.


The Importance of Your Dreams! - David E. Taylor

did not know many of these historical dream references, very illuminating


I received a warning dream about Solimar… when he was with no appetite, I dreamt I was in my childhood home and he was closing his eyes, starting to shrink.
I turned away into the heavens and said “Oh God oh God” and prayed for him straight from the heart.
As I did this I was able to look behind me and seeing him opening his eyes again.

This warning inspired me to give him full attention and care. and he’s fully back now! :slight_smile:

A few days ago I also saw a nice inspiring sharing from Robert Moss about this:

“You have intuitive radar that comes fully alive in dreams. You see things happening at a distance in time and space. You check out the possible future. You see unwanted events in the possible future you may be able to avoid if you clarify your dream information and take appropriate action. You see desirable future scenarios -your dream home, your dream partner, your dream job – that you may be able to manifest if you follow the road map your dream has given you.”
@Bianca_Aga I thought of you when I read this… :heart_eyes:


yes, and here’s another example of how dreams can open paths for us (literally):

“Harriet Tubman is an exemplar of how dreaming can contribute to liberating people and communities from an unjust order. This famous conductor of the Underground Railroad helped many escaping slaves to get to freedom in the years before the American Civil War. She used dreams and visions of maps to get parties of fugitive slaves across otherwise unknown terrain, even across a flooded river.” more here:

@NightHawk999 if you read this text, you will notice the “Red Pepper” which, for me, is a synchronicity to you… :feather:


Deerest @BlessingsDeers

You must be a mind reader Harriet Tubman and her Precognitive dreams (that guided her through the Underground Railroad and out of harms way) was going to be my next post in this thread but you beat me to it. I am shocked David E Taylor did not mention this monumentally important historic HERO in his advertisement clip.

Loved the article thank you my friend. Above in the thread I wrote about a friend with cancer, and dreaming about her as a black girl in a forest where there was HEAVY underground railroad activity AND reverse underground railroad activity (criminals kidnaping freed slaves and sending them to slave states. ( A truely horrific crime!). Now I am wondering if Harriet Tubman was the woman who appeared in my dream to warm me about my friends health?



Have you read this book?

Found it linked to your Moss article

The Secret History of Dreaming Paperback – August 10, 2010

by Robert Moss (Author)

[4.6 4.6 out of 5 stars ](javascript:void(0)) 81 ratings

Dreaming is vital to the human story. It is essential to our survival and evolution, to creative endeavors in every field, and, quite simply, to getting us through our daily lives. All of us dream. Now Robert Moss shows us how dreams have shaped world events and why deepening our conscious engagement with dreaming is crucial for our future. He traces the strands of dreams through archival records and well-known writings, weaving remarkable yet true accounts of historical figures who were influenced by their dreams. In this wide-ranging, visionary book, Moss creates a new way to explore history and consciousness, combining the storytelling skills of a bestselling novelist with the research acumen of a scholar of ancient history and the personal experience of an active dreamer.



This was such a good read, thank you so much for telling me about it:

"Harriet said she inherited special gifts — including the ability to travel outside the body and to visit the future — from her father, who “could always predict the future” and “foretold the Mexican war”. Stronger than other girls, she spent a lot of time with Ben Ross in the timber gangs. In their quiet times in the woods, they may have revived something of the atmosphere of the Sacred Forest of the Ashanti, and the practice of West African dream trackers accustomed to operating outside the body, sometimes in the forms of animals. "


" Rattray describes an Ashanti practice for disposing of a “bad” dream by confiding it in a whisper to the village rubbish dump, which may also be the communal latrine.
One of Rattray’s informants described how his dead brother guided him on the hunt. “I often dream of my brother who was a hunter, and he shows me where to go. Any antelope I kill, I give him a piece with some water.” The same man’s dead uncle gave him dream prescriptions. When a child was ill in the house, his deceased uncle showed him some leaves to administer as part of the medicine; “I did so and the child recovered.” Ashanti hunters and trackers walked very close to their guardian animals. Shifting into the energy body of a leopard, or a nocturnal antelope, or a fish eagle, they traveled ahead of themselves to scout the land and find the game, or the place where an enemy force was advancing.

The Ashanti believed, like other indigenous peoples, that if you are not in touch with your dreams, you are not in touch with your soul. “If one does not dream for eighty days, it means that one will become mad.”"

I could not find this red pepper reference in the text? Am I blind?


it could be.

this was funny - you sent me an email with this information! it was precious… I shared it with Robert and he gave me this link… :cowboy_hat_face:


I haven’t read it. My English does not fancy this kind of reading… but for English speaking people I would say it’s essential.

I agree. I cannot imagine my life without dreaming… I receive so much guidance and inspiration.

I’ve been thinking about this for the past ten years… humanity does need access to our intuitive power.

Robert is a true master in this… in the journey I did with him, his stories are a true inspiration - paradigm shifting - as well as Andrew’s sharings…

I’ve learned a lot with him about story telling… he’s a true master in this. delightful and deep!