PREMONITIONS, PROPHECY, and INTUITION (in dreams and wake life)

this is so great! so simple and well explained.
thank you for sharing.

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Gratitude is one of the most powerful “passwords” for anything we want to intensify :slight_smile: I also LOVE the forest. I will try this… perhaps today :slight_smile:

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this happens a lot to me and my students :slight_smile: only a few months after we can see the whole picture and when it comes it’s so inspiring.

I enjoyed the family of deers - now i understand perhaps the connection to my post - the blessingsdeers :slight_smile: i have a deep connection to deers, mooses and reindeers. I’m fascinated about them.

And indeed I experience the power of prayer. From my experience it’s much more powerful done in a group - i do it regularly in sweat lodges (linked to a spiritual lineage inspired in the Lakota Tradition) and I’m also connected to other spiritual lineages and one thing that I discovered was to instead of asking, thanking it and to add “smoothly, lovingly and quickly, for the highest good of all”. this makes all the difference to me.

blessings and deep gratitude for your sharing :slight_smile:


Yeah it really was a profound teaching from the Monk, definitely contemplated it a lot after. Means in a forest, you are surrounded by consciousness. And if Empty space is performing its job as a containor or being empty, wouldnt that not be doing what they were : “designed to do”, and therefor flow with consciousness also?


Love this quote, SO TRUE!


I consider them to be almost sacred, they are so beautiful, and the females are so peaceful, fast, still, and graceful.

I have on a few ocassions been able to get within 6ft of them in the forest and stand and be still while they gaze at Dusk and Dawn. (not yet been able to pet one, but both the instances, bikers came by and spooked the deer.)

When you have the time would love to hear about any meaningful precognitive dreams you or your students have had.
These really fascinate me. Interesting that many are tied to death, or in my case with the newborn last summer, life.

Dream Messenger by Patricia Garfield talks about 2 dozen Precognitive dream Deaths in the book. Highly reccomend it. Heard some of her other books were new york times best sellers.


this is actually one of the themes in my workshops - also about intuition: people fear it because they associate precognitive dreams or insights with death and meaningful things in their life - things that touch them deeply.
so, one task to do is to demystify it. and of course honoring also the ones connected with a passage to death situation.
i will share some stories of mine, because my students’ sharing is confidential :slight_smile: unless i would ask them. i will feel it in the next days.

one precognitive dream story:
The night before my son had an accident (he drowned at school and died four days later), i had a dream in which my mother and i were in a public place with him (João Mateus), all of a sudden, me and my mother, we were hoping on a electric train (very common in Portugal) we enter and i notice that he was left behind… i make a movement to go out and my mother had no reaction, i go to the driver explaining that my son was left behind and he says “Ah… it takes one month to track him” and i answer “it doesn’t have to take a month, i know where he is” and went out. I found another electric train, trying to reach him but since it wasn’t the station for him to stop they didn’t give me a ride. And the dream ended there.

other precognitive dreams:

  1. I found a friend of mine and after some minutes she said she had dreamt of me: “you were running naked at the beach” - i asked her “what did you feel about my energy?” and she replied “freedom and happiness”. then i asked her “when was the dream?” and she said “Wednesday last week” to which I replied “that was the day when i decided to cut cords with a spiritual lineage that i had been connected to for ten years”. this was very important for me. also as i write these words. remembering this gives me profound confidence.

  2. (this one was AMAZING). I was playing with a child (son of a friend). As we were going up the stairs together, he gently threw into the floor three tarot cards. I looked at the cards and woke up at that time. registered the dream and the cards. The next day i went to see the meaning of the cards and the message was straight to the point and helped me to understand better a recent life situation.

  3. i experienced a spontaneous lucid dream with sound where I was LISTENING (i really listened to her speaking - amazing) to what a friend was saying. i didn’t call her because i was probably busy, so she called me two days after (she didn’t call for months).


yes, those are the moments in which you feel at home with silence :slight_smile:


Ditto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .!


Really appreciate you sharing this dream. That is a very powerful dream. I am very sorry to hear about your son’s death. In Garfields book, she speaks of Train sations, airports, bus stations, and other places of departure and arrival as being a very common symbol that appears in dreams about death or regarding death.

So interesting to me that your dream that you shared is almost identitcal to one I read about in Dream Messenger. Several of them included train stations, Including dreams where the dreamer could not go with the departed loved one, as they boarded a train or plane or a spaceship (page 77-78)

The symbolism is really cool. The ultimate ‘departure’ from life to death. The ultimate journey.

Appreciate you sharing those precognitive dreams. Its very inspiring to hear people share them. They change your life, its tough to look at the universe as being 100% disconnected after having these dreams. I think it is one of the strongest arguements for supporting the thesis that the world is not solid, lasting or independant.


@BlessingsDeers you may like taking a look at @DreamingFromHere 's posts about her dreams with deer. They are numerous, and well illustrated.

One with a Buck that she shared I think may have been precognitive. She later saw a picture of a buck in the woods.


thank you for the connection. I will check it soon.
blessings :slight_smile:



Here is rhe story I am referring to:

I wonder if there is a connection to these 3 events that involves something deeper than a sleep disroder?

Perhaps you were picking up an energy or event that had happened or was going to happen?


Actually, probably related to dreams earlier this month but still trying to sort it all out. Just a lucky break.


That is what my intuition sensed, that the fall might be linked to something else. Very cool you came to same conclusion.

Love to hear about the details of the other dreams this month if you want to share.

Unrelated, but I think worth mentioning here:

Earlier today finishing up at gym a friend I know through there came up and told me he picked up 2 books I had recommended, 1 by Wallace, and the other by Charlie Morely.

He then told me he had had a premontion dream this week:
He dreamed his dog peed on the floor in the house.

He woke up and it had happened. And when I asked him if the dog pees there often, he said no, it was an anomoly.

The story made my day. I think the light of awareness is starting to be tapped into.


Not sure if I shared this dream yet, but it was a really meaningful premonition dream that I did not listen too, regretably.

I am hiking in a forest with rock bluffs. It is my favorite woods to hike and camp in. I came up to a small clearing where there was a table and chairs and a attractive black woman sitting at the table. I joined her in the empty seat accross from her, with the table in between us. As we talked I realized the things she was saying was exactly the things a friend of mine (a white lady) would say about her family and life. (In the dream i realized she was my friend, but with a different voice body).

At one point in the conversation she looked me in the eyes, and reached accross the table and put her hands over mine, like something was wrong, but she could not voice it, and was trying to communicate the sadness with her eyes and facial expression.

I woke up.

The friend referenced in the dream was someone I hadnt seen in about 9 months, and had I reached out to her a few times before the dream and had not heard from her, I was hesitant to reach out again, but did so after the dream, but didnt get a reply.

Over the next few months she would pop into my head randomly and I had a very strong intuition to go and find her. I didnt listen, instead I let my ego and insecurities convince me she didnt want to talk to me, and approaching her would make her feel like I was a stalker.

About a year later, and with the monthly intuitions to find her not diminishing, I finally ran into her, shocked she was happy to see me, we went and got coffee. She told me she was sorry for not getting back and that things were kind of overwhelming at that time. She then told me that she had been diagnosed with cancer, and did not tell anyone about it. No chemo, but surgery, and a pretty quick recovery.

I didnt tell her about the dream becuase I had forgotten in the heat of the moment, but after we parted ways, the memory of the dream hit me like a ton of bricks.

I wish I had listened to my intuition,and found her sooner, but I also can respect the desire to be alone and desire for privacy.

It was the second precognitive dream I had had up to that point in my life, but like the first, it took about a year to reveal its full meaning.

I dont know why the woman in the dream was black and in the forest, but that summer, while camping in that forest, I spent time at a sacred site that was part of the Underground rail road. Geologically unique and really beautiful and well hidden, I knew it was sacred long before freed slaves meet there.

I wonder if one of the spirits associated with that site sent that dream message to me?

On the last day of my trip I was told by a local man that not only was that site part of the underground rail road, but it later became a church where freed slaves would congregate. The message hit home deep, becuase it confirmed what I sensed about the local, that it was a place used not just to do Gods work, but also to connect to God.



It sounds like your dream / intuition saved your life, and it was suspenseful to read!! The part about finding out that he was a surgeon all that time later really gets me, especially because people seem to want others to know that they’re doctors. I recently read “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker after the book was mentioned in two separate podcasts I’d listened to in one day- when things like that happen now I tend to just listen. A more appropriate title for the book might be the gift of intuition- because he explains stories, statistics, etc. about how intuition saves people, AND how being afraid of everything (through being influenced by the news etc) can block intuition. The feeling that you were being groomed and leaving may have really saved your organs and/ or life!!

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LOL, you can say that again! My thoughts exactly lol!

Yes, it could have gotten really ugly really fast. I was still really disgusted at him and mad at myself for not seeing it sooner. I think I was hell bent on finding those sacred sites, and that laser focused ambition, blinded me to some of the red flags.

In the end though, I have to be grateful for the knowledge I gained, not just of the terrain, but about sociopaths and monsters, the masks they wear, and the games they play.

A wise man once said, “Promise & Peril, is there any other way?” No path is free from obstacles, and often times those obstacles are the greatest teachers.

I have to add that book to my reading list, because I agree with you 1000000000% !!!

I think Fear and Anger, are two of the most powerful emotions that clouds intuition. But there are many others. That is why these meditation practices are so close to my heart. I feel they greatly helped increase my intuition, and awareness of my enviornment and the people in it.

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Well I have the chills read this!! Seems verrrryyyyy significant that the meaning of both of your precognitive dreams were confirmed all that time later, maybe it speaks to the kind of confirmation needed to shatter your paradigms? Also, was just speaking to a friend last night, about the questions of “I wonder if…” (I wonder if Greg had sent me that diagnosis, in her case… her boyfriend wondering if his dead grandma sent her to him…you wondering if the spirits associated with the site sent that dream message to you) are probably right on. Although in everyday life, these experiences will be invalidated, which is why this community and these conversations are so important. Reading your dream just prompted me to reach out to a friend I’ve been out of touch with as well. It happened twice in the past 2 years that I kept meaning to reach out to a friend, and then they died unexpectedly (one being Greg) , and I found myself disappointed that my insecurity stood in the way of my reaching out. I also relate to the other side of that, isolating in privacy due to health issues, and it meaning a lot that some continue to show love and reach out despite me often not answering. Pretty amazing stuff, thank you for sharing and inspiring me to reach out to my friend!


I think your spot on with this. A book I read a while ago, ‘Power vs. Force’ gives a good chart. Maybe it applies here?

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