A dream for dreamers

Just wanted to share @altair’s call to dreamers at the end of his community talk as it deserves wider attention to the NC community:

My dream for all dreamers is that everyone might recognize that your nature has this continuous flow and that it is like space. It is like a river. It is like an ocean. It is like a mirror which means it is also an ocean because the river flows there. And it is also the clouds because the ocean disperses there. It is also the flower because the rain flows there. It is also the ground because the flower grows there. And it is the sun that shines upon it which is changeless and ever present. So you cannot conceive of that. If the mind treats it as an object then you will never find it. And since it is not an object it cannot be meditated on and thus there is no meditator and no meditation. It is non-meditation itself. I wish for you that your practices may be boundless and that you will recognize the beauty of your boundless nature.