Q+A w/Andrew | 85 | November 2, 2022

Transcript → Q+A w/Andrew | 85 | November 2, 2022

Pre Submitted Questions:

  • What are the best books you can reccomend that give an accurate description of the 64 relative Siddhis? Do you believe in people who are able to communicate with animals telepathically? Is this one of the 64 relative Siddhis? King Solomon and St. Francis Assisi were both rumored to have this ‘skill’. Would really love to know if the Buddha possessed this ability, or any of his followers or famous monks or other spiritual people you know of? You mentioned in a video your dog was able to discriminate between your mental states of monky mind static vs when you need time alone with deep thoughts and reflection.
    Thank you

  • Hello Andrew, I hope you are well. Unfortunately I will not be on the call, apologies. Whilst this is not a typical night club question I wondered if you might answer a question on the recent sessions on Pure Lands, Hidden Lands, Sacred Lands courses? On the thangka behind you there was Vajrapani both in wrathful and peaceful emanations. Please could you explain why there are peaceful and wrathful emanationsI? f this is not the right forum, apologies in advance. Thanks

  • Do I understand correctly: a yogi who practices creating himself as a deity will, at the death process, arise from the nondual clearlight experience to bardo in the form of the same deity? The mind contracts voluntarily to an illusory body of the deity to prevent impulsive contraction to the samsaric body? 2) Does mind always have some form (body/bodies)?
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There was a question about communicating with animals. Here is a woman who advertises this siddhi.



That is really cool, it looks like she does a free 15min call. Will try to find her books.

This is the book that introduced me to animal communication.

It gets pretty crazy at some parts toward the end (not so crazy if you have dipped your toes in Buddhism Dharma), but, her teachings on the techniques of connection and communication are spot on.

here is her website, shes got some great pics too:


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Looking forward to Andrew’s upcoming interview on this subject.

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No shit!?!?!? That is awesome! Who is he planning on interviewing?

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Sean Espeon Hargens. I think this is his website.


I have come to the same realization (it took years) that relative siddhis are a distraction. I also find myself having the same attitude towards deity meditations and invoking various forms from Hindu or Tibetan traditions. I have respect for who they are but it stops there as it feels like another deluded form of attachment. The silence that comes from practicing shamatha meditation has way more of a byproduct effect of various siddhis (knowing things before they happen) as well as feeling intense love for benevolent beings like the Buddha. I actually credit the debilitating illness I suffered with for several years as having lost the desire to fabricate anything so I have to be much more conservative in the energy I spend in life and shamatha seems to be the most grounding and clarifying for my body and mind.


I can see how they are a double edged sword.

However, for me, when I first started meditating half a decade ago, I had never heard of the Relative Siddhis. It was only after stumbling onto this site 6 months ago that it really opened my eyes to how powerful meditation can be.

I spent most of my life denying that these powers or abilities existed. Then when I started to get small tastes of them, after I had been meditating for a few years, it really made me fall in love all over again with the world, and how profoundly deep it is.

I dont think you should look at meditation as a treasure map for finding these abilities, but if you do dig some treasures up via meditation, I think you should embrace them with gratitude and honor. They are gifts from God.