Rajneeshpuram 2021

Two days ago I drove from Bend, OR to Spokane, WA and realized that I passed right by Antelope and the Big Muddy Ranch, so I took a detour. The documentary does not adequately show how isolated the location is. How did a group in India find it? Antelope is tiny compared to the compound and is about 25 miles away. Now here is the Universe’s grand joke: Rajneeshpuram is now a Christian youth camp! A lot of money has been spend by the Rajneeshis and the Christians on this tiny spot in the Oregon desert. The buildings are in amazing condition, and they’ve built a huge water park for the kids to play in. In the desert!! I’m going to attach some pictures, probably in several posts:
#1 - It’s out there somewhere

#2 - Welcome Christians


#3 - Stables and Maintenance?

#4 - Airstrip

#5 - Dorms

#6 - Gathering Hall