[REGISTER] Webinar 28: Obstacles & Antidotes to Lucid Dreaming [part 2]

This webinar will continue our exploration of common obstacles and antidotes to lucid dreaming, focusing on the general obstacles. We will explore one of the most insidious and formidable of all discriminations and blind-spots, wake-centricity, and how it dominates all other states of consciousness.

A host of other centricities, which includes sight-centricity and photo-centricity, work in conjunction with our wake-centric ways in the service of the “mother of all centricities,” or ego-centricity.

A major aspect of these webinars is question and answer, so submit your questions in advance, or offer them live. The questions can be about anything related to the nocturnal practices.

Join us this Thursday, March 26th at 1:00PM MST (UTC-6).

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Will this be available on demand after the event as I’m in Australia and this time is not suitable. your 7pm MST works well for me but I guess with some many global members we can’t always be in the sweet spot. Thanks for your great work!

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Hey @saltypete! Thanks for your question.

The answer is YES! We make all our webinars available on-demand (for members) shortly after the event completes (usually within 24-48 hours).

You can check out the webinar archives to see our complete collection :slight_smile:

Thanks also for sharing your ideal start time. It’s helpful to get a sense of what works best for our members around the globe.

Cheers and take care!