Remote viewing

I just heard about Remote Viewing this year. its a tough pill to swallow, but from what I understand it is a proven scientific phenomena?

Has anyone tired it and had success with it?

Does anyone know the best books to read on this subject?

I would really appreciate any links on the internet that describe in detail how to do it, but I have been unsuccessful in finding them. Something tells me its a tightly guarded secret.

The Government said it axed the program decades ago, but I doubt they really got rid of it, I think they just upped its security clearance.


One source to check out is The Monroe Institute, which one of my Dream Sharing Group buddies used to live near, and he is enthusiastic about its veracity. Andrew also speaks favorably about it.

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I have heard of the Monroe Institute in the little research I have done, and checked out their website, but their prices are way above my pay grade at the moment.

I will try to shoot them an email though, and see what literature they might be able to recommend on the topic. Hopefully they don’t keep their resource secrets to heavily guarded.

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Check YouTube also, there may be some good videos there.

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i tried youtube but could not find many videos that go in depth.

Found this link in one of the forums here, have not read much of it, but it looks promising:

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Sounds True offers an online course on remote viewing.


Thank you Anne, will check it out

saw this the other day, really cool information on the uses of Remote Viewing

This is not something one can do without training. Ingo Swan was one of the participants back in the late 70’s. Perhaps he has a web site


Yes I need to look up Ingo Swans work. Have read a few books on this topic and Ingo is mentioned many times in all of them