Robert A. Thurman interview

Somewhere in this interview Robert Thurman answers a question by relaying a profound lucid dream he had. The question and dream tie in with today’s virtual hangout discussion. I haven’t managed to hear the whole interview yet but Robert Thurman was in my dream last night and is one of my favourite personalities. He manages to inject much needed humour into some dark corners imho.
Bob Thurman interview


Hi @Loraine thanks for posting this!

Just wanted to let you know the Virtual Hangout [#39] is now available for replay.

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Thanks so much Andy! I’ve just worked out that the pertinent question is posed at about 24:00 and the dream description starts about 26:00. Middle of the night here :crazy_face: so I hope I got timings right. :pray:t3:


Thanks for posting. Quite a dream. Benevolent chemicals :grinning: