Rolling with the Pope

This was the first intelligible dream I’ve had since I’ve begun to sleep better. I dreamed that I got a temp job as an office assistant to the Pope. The Vatican was now apparently in a non-descript office building in an industrial park. El Papa was working on an initiative to reconcile the Madonna/whore split in the anima of the collective male psyche that occurred when the Church elevated Mary to quasi-divine status – but made no provision for the dark side of the anima.

(I’ve been reading a lot of Marie Louise von Franz.)

This having set the stage for everything from witch trials to mass pederasty, the Pope thought maybe it was time to do tackle the issue.

The pope wanted me to go to Thailand to talk to some prostitutes and just ask them how they’re doing and if they are having any split-anima-related difficulties.
. I thought this was all pretty interesting but I was suspicious that it was a trap to get me ordain as a priest. I’m like, no way Jose. I can’t even deal with the structure of a day job, you want me to become a priest and solve this anima problem?

The pope looked at me and said, you got anything better to do?

BTW, this appeared to be Pope Paul VI. His time being over and chances of a comeback being unlikely, I didn’t take him all that seriously.