Scientists are working on that 'Frozen Light ' thing

Andrew oten says, ‘We are frozen light’. Quantum scientist are on the case:


Thanks for sharing this. I admit I didn’t understand a quarter of it. Haha

I remember when I first heard of this from Andrew I thought it was the coolest thing from the brightest guy ever :wink:

I love how far along humanity is coming in the field of science!


this is what yogis say since long, like with living on ( being fed by ) light.
I just dont really agree with this " frozen " term. Why would it be frozen, just vibrating on a certain frequency, which makes it appear as solid, when you are vibrating at the same frequency.


I think Andrew uses that term with a bit of humor to refer to us as to light (as energy) in solid appearing form like ice is to water or steam . Ice is water vibrating to a different frequency, right?