😴 Sleeping:Sleep Super Conference (Summary)

Note: This takes place online live for free. Recordings of the contents are extra, so events like these generate a profit by selling extras and recordings, but can offer a lot for free too. Check it out if interested:

From Charlie Morley,

:gem:40+ experts on getting better sleep & rest​:gem:

Hello Dreamerzzz,

Are you struggling with sleep?

If so then I strongly recommend checking out the Sleep Super Conference

Its a special FREE online event taking place October 17th-23rd.

It’s hosted by my mate Alex Howard, Founder of The Optimum Health Clinic in London, and features 40+ renowned sleep and wellness expertsincluding:

*David Asprey

*Dr Bruce Lipton
*Dr Fleet Maull
*Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith
*David Kessler
… and yours truly!

They’ll be speaking on everything from insomnia to the science of sleep, sleep apnea, sleep for gut health and much more!

There is over 50 hours of content and… it’s all FREE!

Oh and when you sign up you’ll be given access to 5 FREE videos too :blush:

To register for the conference just click HERE

With Love & Lucidity


Thank you for posting that, I signed up, see you there on the 17th

I’ve just been interviewed for the conference-not sure what day I’m on yet!


Care to provide a few preview details?

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anyone knowmhow to access the videos for this?

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Dr. Bruce Lipton, “We’re not in here, we’re a broadcast!” A MUST listen! How to reprogram our habits. Very interesting. I remember Andrew referencing one of his books as a terrific resource for parents. This is a remarkable hour.

Note: Our own Sleep Doctor, Ed O’Malley will be featured on day 3!

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Loved Bruce Liptons video, that was really good. Andrew should interview him :slightly_smiling_face:

This Dr. is fantastic too:

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Dr David Hanscom

David Hanscom’s orthopaedic spine surgery practice focused on patients with failed back surgeries. He quit his practice in Seattle, WA to present his insights into solving chronic pain, which evolved from his own battle with it. His book, Back in Control is associated with an action plan, “The DOC Journey”, which guides patients in solving mental and physical pain.

His latest book Do You Really Need Spine Surgery? Take Control with a Surgeon’s Advice is intended for health care providers and patients alike to make an informed decision about undergoing spinal surgery."

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Tuesday, Oct 18, (free today)

Tuesday, Oct 18, (free today) check out Dr. Jacob Teitlbaum about dealing with sleep and pain. Free today, Tuesday. So many recommendations and ways to address issues! Another must-watch!

Dr Ellen Vora

Anxiety and sleep anatomy, a very good discussion which has a lot of practical advice.

Note: Bruce Lipton (Day 1) gave his email for getting further info and I emailed him about a personal health issue this morning. He responded by the end of the day with some good recommendations.

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I beat you to the punch. (great minds think a like) Watched him early this morning, was really impressed.

I want to read his book now.

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Loved Ellen Voras interview as well. We are definitely on the same page.

Did youncheck out the lady who does the sleep positions?

6 months ago i started sleeping with a pillow between my legs when side sleeping, it helped with back and hip pain just like she said.

About 2 weeks ago I started meditating before bed laying on my belly, just like she said in the video, it is very relaxing, the only issue i have is finding a pillow configuration that allows me to breath well.


Not really because of pain and other reasons I an only really sleep in one position. Yeah, been doing the knee pillow for a couple of years.

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Beat you to the punch, ordered it yesterday and it’s due to come tomorrow. I may send it back because he mentioned it had been updated but Amazon only has the 2013 version. His advice referenced a section in the book, so I am excited to check it out.

Day 3, Noticed the “Free Gifts” included a “sleep tracker” chart as a free download, which reminds me a little of the one Dr. Ed O’Malley, our Sleep Doctor uses and shared with the group several meetings ago. While there is some overlap in the presentations, I appreciate the many vantage points that highlight the different aspects of all the issues that help to promote “good quality sleep.”

Jason Prall provides excellent background information for practical suggestions for how to deal with 4 key tools including light and digestion for helping with sleep. Eat your biggest meal at lunchtime! . [Free view Wednesday.]

Dr. Ed. O’Malley is our Night Club Sleep Doctor and he brings his wisdom to the worldwide audience. I enjoyed his dialogue focusing on the basics that eliminate hinderances to sleep and how to arrange our environment to promote sleep. [Free view Wednesday.]

Dr. Saundra Smith describes the seven types of rest and how to utilize them. Interesting way to tease out the differences that we oversimplifiy when we use the term “rest.” . I liked how she focused on how rest during the day should be integrated with how we live our lives. What types of rest are we missing? One of the best! [Free view Wednesday.] check out restquiz.com


Day 4 Functional medicine for restoring rest (Free all day Thursday)

•Sleep sufficiency through a functional nutrition lens

•Using light to transform your sleep hormones

•Homeopathy, liver detox & trauma healing (free Holistic med course https://www.drameet.com)
Dr Ameet Aggarwal When someone hurts you and you want to forgive them. Instead of saying I forgive you, say, I’m sorry this happened between us.

•Detoxing for optimum sleep (offers online consultations) https://www.drchristineschaffner.com/

•How sex hormones impact sleep

•The different types of insomnia (Naturopathic interventions) Dr. Born has an excellent overview of prescription and naturopathic solutions for insomnia. Surprisingly interesting.

•Natural remedies for rest. Dr Trevor Cates How to get good sleep and great skin. How to work towards getting off prescription meds. Herbs that are helpful for sleep. Melatonin is illegal in the UK!

•Activated Probiotics | The Microbiome | Rebecca Edwards So interesting because it includes so much we never think about. She gets to the guts of the subject and how what’s inside our gut affects our sleep, health and mental well-being. Word of the day: Bidirectionally. Lots of research cited too. Diversity in our diet is necessary.

•Insomnia solutions that also ease anxiety. Trudy Scott chops up the issues connected to food intake, fear, anxiety and insomnia. Oxalates, who knew?

NOTE: The video tracks have dots which, if you put your cursor over, show you the topic being discussed. So, you can easily go back and revisit the info you want to go over! Very nice feature.


Day 5 Brain and body (Free all day Friday). I hope people are checking out some of these presentations if they pertain to your areas of interest or involve issues you may have with sleep. Don’t forget we have our own Sleep Doctor webinar next Tuesday.

•Restorative yoga for rest

•Hyper-vigilance and sleep issues Dr. David Brady discusses sleep disfunction as part of bigger integrative, bidirectional issues. Hyper-vigilance (general condition, always on high alert) and fatigue related conditions are coming to public consciousness from the bottom up with so many people suffering and connecting. Hyper-vigilance could be deep tissue and brain-based, real and physiological anxiety. “We can’t find anything wrong with you-so nothing is wrong!” It’s all in your head. Ha, ha. Very good discussion. We need movement during the day, good healthy food and good restorative sleep. Yeah, but getting them? He talks about Vagas nerve therapy and stimulation.

•High Speed Healing Deborah Wayne offers an energy-field approach to healing. Really wonderful presentation. “Invisible realm” is almost everything else we fail to see. Space is not empty, it is filled with information. No Dharma, rather an eclectic, all-is-energy approach. Nice demonstration of High Speed Healing near the end of the talk.

•How unresolved trauma affects sleep

• Sleep and nutrition Martina Cowen brings a lot of information that I feel I lack about my own nutrition. She has a nice take on lowering cortisol at night, similar to several others, but with nice test results to demonstrate it. Lots of the presenters discuss shift work. I am retired, but did “shift work” for years and I still feel some of the effects—late, but still useful. Inflammatory issues are discussed, but I’d like to know more. She discusses good ways to naturally create melatonin. Make sure to brush your teeth!

•Nutrient and probiotic strategies for sleep Dr Stasha Gominak has an interesting tale about how she got into sleep medicine and studies. She makes great connections based upon her own clinical practices. Pay attention to her work with vitamin D. A real-eye-opener! Something I’d like to learn more about. This is the presentation that gave me the most to think about. Worth a careful second viewing.

BONUS: Guided conscious relaxation, Sleep inducer track 2, Release, relax and rest

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was impressed with her:

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It’s like working with the subtle body, both inside and out. Interesting demonstration.

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Day 6 Nervous system regulation (Free all day Saturday) Lots of marketing and information-sharing which was expected, with so many interesting things to learn and think about. Literally, something for everyone!

•Optimizing recovery time Dr Fleet Maull Good explanation of types of sleep and rest/recovery. Like Dr. Ed, gives a shout out for the wearables. “If you can track it, you can improve it.” Accelerating recovery time is one of his goals. The older we get, the harder it is and the longer it seems to take. "The brain and body is our “internal health system” working while we’re asleep. :grinning: Important to get that deep sleep. Sleep helps us “defragment” ourselves. Impact of meditation? Early on to set up day for success. Wearables help and he give examples. Making changes? We have our strongest will in the AM and it’s the best time to start building habits and anchoring them to each other. Habit stacking. He gives some really good examples of his routines, built up over time. Small improvements. Reminds me a bit of how describes his routines. “We live in a limitless body of energy.”

•Enhancing night time repair for deeper healing Dr Isaac Eliaz Integrative medicine with lots of handy tips for so many elements around sleep. How to change “The Survival Response,” fight or flight? He shares a practical tip for self-rejuvination over the weekend. It involves letting go of one’s identity for a few hours in a sleep. Herbs to promote sleep and body repair functions? Gaba is one he mentions. His website is one of the better ones.

•How over stimulation causes sleep disturbance Dr Pedram Shojai Wow, lots of suggestions to avoid the “dopamine economy.” Want to get better? Start doing better every day. It takes time to undo years of bad decisions. Meditation is about awareness, learning to disengage, you are not the noise! Stop reacting to it. Sleep becomes a powerful tool, it makes us question how we are existing. He doesn’t like guided meditations but likes things that help us monitor our HRV. Would like more about this! What is a good number? Good talk that is different from most others. Good practical tips for sleep. I like his website, The Urban Monk.

•The SleepEasy Method Dr Richard Shane Tried this last night. Might try the 7-day free trial during the week. (https://sleepeasymethod.com/). He went out of his way to distance his theories from most others here at the conference. Quite a challenge. His app provides different types of guided meditations based upon the theories he developed.

•Survival stress and sleep Irene Lyon

•Understanding our nervous system Naomi Dake Good background information. She provides several alternatives to naps for resting activities which was unique for all the presentations I’ve viewed, so far. She also had some interesting “tools” to help during the daytime, as well. More of a general practitioner approach than many of the other presenters.

BONUS: Meditation to calm your nervous system, Mindful breathing, Evening unwind

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Day 7 Tools and techniques for great sleep. (Free on Sunday, the last day of the conference). I hope some of us NC folks have checked out one or more of these interviews and if we are having trouble sleeping, then there are many alternative routes available to travel to get better sleep. We are also lucky to have our own Sleep Doctor!

• Breathwork for deeper sleep Anthony Abbagnano Impressive presentation about breath, the one thing we can really manipulate. We can create rhythms and patterns and help ourselves. Good activities here. One of my favorite spots this week. He does a coherence breath activity and Chaarlie Morley would be proud. “In life we always measure what we have left to do” creates stress. We try to think our way our of our minds. Breath!!! [Website] Shows us a practice to include the body into our consciousness, The Alchemy Meditation exercise (https://alchemyofbreath.com).

• Biohacking for better sleep Dave Asprey Biohacking (changing the environment inside and outside for our benefit) All presenters are asked about why we need sleep? Interesting answers across the spectrum. Asprey’s response, “We really don’t know.” Interesting journey to the present moment for him. How can we use science and math do do sleep better? Interesting discussion about mitochondria and light blockers. Like most presenters he has a good website and products to sell. Website.

• Therapeutic yoga for optimum sleep Dr Arielle Schwartz Lots of practices discussed. Toning the Vagus nerve was interesting because it touched on some of the activities found in the Tripp app for the Oculus Quest. Helping people dealing with trauma (events we didn’t choose) is one of her key skills. Yoga nidra is one of her practices. She has a free YouTube channel, as well as a comprehensive Website

• Infrared therapy for optimizing sleep Mark Givert What is infrared light? Light as an infusion into your body having a warming effect, but it doesn’t heat the air around you. We are indoor people! We have many causes of chronic systemic inflammation that interrupts sleep. He uses infrared therapy for helping with pain and promoting sleep. This presentation was the outlier of the group, but really thought-provoking given how we are fundamentally beings of light. Website. I wonder what Andrew thinks of this, given his studies of light?

•Plus two focused on children and sleep!

•In addition to three more bonus presentations.

Summary: Lots of helpful information. I viewed most of the videos and found a lot to improve my sleep. You can buy the conference videos, and/or you can go to the presenter’s websites for free and get pretty good information there, as well.