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I once saw a list of articles, webinars, and interviews for the “Daytime Practices” track. Don’t remember how I found it.

I’ve been looking, but all I can find is the Night School page that shows 6 or so articles. I’m assuming the “school” portion is a mix of accumulated content added to this site. My next (ok, first) step is to start learning about Daytime Practices. How to distinguish?

(Ps, you don’t want me adding tags! I tried with Calibre and my web browser bookmarks. Every book/link basically has an original unique tag! It made sense at the time, but no sense in hindsight. )


Hi @mycoses appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:

Let me know if this is the link you are looking for:

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That was the one I found, that had ‘articles’.

Was there another that listed all webinars and interviews in addition to articles?

I’m on PC now and seeing a lot I couldn’t find on my phone. So I’ll probably find it now. Kinda feeling like an a$$, but oh well, fairly used to it at this point. :blush:

Hey @mycoses a few months back @Andrew put together a Beginners and Advanced track for navigating the Night Club. Maybe this is what you were referring to? You can check that out here:

The two tracks are due for an update, which is on the agenda :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if there is something specifically that we can create that would be more helpful for what you’re trying to find/accomplish? Any suggestions or feedback is always appreciated.

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