Are sections gone now?

Wasn’t there a Discourse section called “Andrew’s Writings”? I saw “Latest Writings” it in webpage display format tonight and wanted to comment. I thought they were in this ‘forum’ too?

I do admit I get pretty confused with navigation stuff (hmmpfh! I used to excel at usability when coding apps!)

Also, was there a section titled “Andrew, Review this book”? Or am I cray? :wink:

  • Courtney

Hey @mycoses -

We have been updating the categories, which is why things may seem a little unfamiliar. Your feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile:

We do have a sub-category for Andrew’s Latest Writings it’s currently under The Latest News category.

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Hey Andy, I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or not, but was there a section for nocturnal practices and daytime practices or something like that?

Hey @awalker54 I would check in the Night School category and sub-categories:

This is where you’ll find specific posts related to nocturnal practices and there’s also a specific category for daytime practices:

These categories will appear on member plans Silver+. I noticed you are on the Emerald plan, so you will have no issue accessing them.

Other than that - we haven’t created a specific category for Nocturnal Practices - so in that sense, you’re dreaming :smile: