Where's Andy K?

I’ve been missing Andy facilitating the groups and website. Is he okay? Anyone know anything?


Andy has moved on to other opportunities. He is missed but with his talents we were lucky to have him for so long!


Another topic: Where should I look for the “sleep diaries” that were mentioned in the last session of
Sleep MD? Thank you!

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He hasn’t posted them yet. You can message him about it.

Hello Jolene,
I was so sad to find Andy no longer supporting Andrew on the Monday Meditation. I find it very strange there was no notification about Andy leaving the community. As a community I would hope the communication would be open and transparent.
I hope at some point this is an update and an introduction to the new woman who has appeared on the site.


Agreed, it would be nice for new staff/administrators to introduce themselves to us as we new members introduce ourselves etc.

I miss Andy too!

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I agree, it would be great , if Andrew would address it in some way. And also if the young woman would be introduced.
All very unclear to say the least.


It does seem strange that AndyK left with no notice. Also odd for the new administrator not to have introduced themselves, nor been introduced by Andrew. These are rather elementary practices in social media.


To reiterate: it’s very weird and unusual (and very bad practice) for someone running a social media site to disappear without saying goodbye, without their departure being acknowledged by anyone else in an official capacity, and without their replacement making a statement or introducing themselves. For one thing it tends to create the perception that the departure was not amiable; at the very least it is jarring and uncomfortable.

Does anyone know of any official communication on this that I may have missed?

I’m also curious as to whether @Night.Club is the new “Andy”? Is that a specific person? A corporate entity? A bot? @Andrew moonlighting?

Based on past negative experiences with integral forums, this kind of opacity and lack of good social media practices makes me feel uneasy. In my observation it’s often the result of people who may have great intentions and a lot of expertise in some field of meditation/spirituality/etc. but who are less skilled when it comes to maintaining an online presence or cultivating online community.

I’d like to feel that Night Club is in skilled and responsive hands. The fact that someone had to start a thread called “Where’s AndyK?” and that 28 days later there’s still no official response, is not helping.


I guess conspiracy theories thrive in a humble forum for Night Club. My name is Bob Wilson, I’ve been assisting Andrew part time for about 7-8 years now. Some of you know me as I attended the second Sedona Mago retreat. I do mostly internet and marketing work, I created his website and the first iteration of Night Club. Andy had been handling all of NC since. Andy left Night Club on his own desire to find a better opportunity, as being a part time contractor for Andrew did not offer the opportunity needed to support his situation. If you have attended any meetings on Zoom, you would have noticed Alyssa has stepped in to the host role that Andy had and has been wonderful. Admittedly, the transition has had its ups and downs as I have found a number of holes in content that appeared during Andy’s last months and my coming on board. These will be addressed. But I do remain part time, and make no mistake, if you know anyone who has an interest in Andrew’s teachings and is skilled in social media and online marketing, send this person our way!! (andrew@andrewholecek.com) Finally, a community like this in Night Club is only as good as it’s participants. Andrew and the mysterious NC persona (it could be me or someone else) are here to facilitate conversations as best we can given our current time constraints. What makes this community thrive are all of you who have really made this a success and supported Night Club in the past and in the future. Thanks for being here!!


" I guess conspiracy theories thrive in a humble forum for Night Club. "

No, this is not the case at all. Arthur G posted a legitimate concern

" Andy left Night Club on his own desire to find a better opportunity, as being a part time contractor for Andrew did not offer the opportunity needed to support his situation "

This is all the was necessary for Andrew or someone to say in a post to the forum. I think it is the decent thing to do given the involvement Andy had with the community. A simple statement of communication to let everyone know what is going on. Really not much to ask at all.


Thank you Bob! A site like this one so full of content and activities is not an easy task. Lots of growing pains, all is well🙏


Thank you Bob for sharing what you have. It brings clarity and although I felt confident there was no negativity connected to his departure, it’s always good to have it addressed in the forum in case people missed any Zoom calls or emails (I appreciated both communications concerning Andy although it was a bit after the fact).

I am beyond grateful for this Sangha and thank you, Andrew and Alyssa for keeping it up and running :pray:


Thanks for introducing yourself, Bob, and offering some useful responses to the questions raised in this thread.

In my post I noted that the lack of communication and response in the forum (in which AndyK had been quite active, responsive, and helpful while he was here) created certain impressions. That’s not conspiracy theory, it’s helpful feedback. Previous, milder statements and questions by myself and others starting about a month ago went unaddressed. As soon as I decided to escalate a little, a useful response quickly appeared, which was the desired outcome.

I appreciate that you only have so much time. Managing a social media presence or community is a tough gig that I’d never want to personally be involved with again.

I’m reminded of another forum I was involved with a long time ago, in which direct questions to the people running the show tended to go unanswered. Someone else there, in a consultant role, repeatedly advised the person in charge to spend (up to) 20 minutes a day answering questions or concerns in the forum, setting a timer if necessary. She pointed out that this small investment in time would convey the impression of active engagement, whereas leaving directly, publicly asked questions unanswered conveyed the opposite impression. I thought that was very useful advice, but unfortunately it was not taken. I pass this on to you, to do with what you will :slight_smile:

If Andrew is looking to hire someone for social media and online marketing, perhaps putting the message out in an email to all members would be helpful, with a request to send it on to anyone who might be interested; that message could also be conveyed via the Night Club Twitter feed etc. (And if he wants volunteer/unpaid labor for some or all of that work, my advice would be to offer generous compensation in some other (non-monetary) form


** my advice would be to offer generous compensation in some other (non-monetary) form**
I would know the most generous compensation: Join the Inner circle of Micheila Sheldon.

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Thanks Arthur! Your passion for Night Club is evident and very helpful. We will keep doing our best to keep up the standards the members desire.