The Girl and the Turquoise Swordfish

Dream of Nov 18, 2021 – Joan Gillette
I am with a man whom I do not know, we are walking through the jungle, looking for the girl we hear calling for help. We know she is lost and that she is injured and in pain. She calls endlessly and we look for hours and cannot locate her in the dense large tangled jungle. After a while, she stops calling and later, we find her. She is standing silently with her right arm outstretched and attached to her arm is a turquoise swordfish that is biting her entire right arm with numerous sharp teeth embedded into the length of her arm which is fully in its mouth, and this has been going on so long that the girl has stopped asking for help. She has accepted her situation, and the man and I have also accepted that there was nothing we could have done to help her. And we stand quietly looking at the turquoise swordfish covering the girl’s right arm as she stares toward the jungle, transfixed in stillness, almost like a statue. She does not seem to know we are there, as though in another realm. THE END


Welcome to the 'Club where dreaming and sharing are always encouraged. Was this a lucid dream or one that is indicative of the dreams you are having recently? Good to have some perspective.


This was not a lucid dream and also not indicative of a theme, it was unusual, I thought. I pondered its message.


Dreams of unusual clarity, like this one, are often precursors of lucidity. The message is less important than the feeling of clarity.


Good to know, thank you.

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The man and the girl are unconscious aspects of your Self. The man would be your animus and in this situation he accompanies you as a guide to the girl. Sounds like there’s a hard situation for you that is resurfacing in your psyche. Not sure what the turquoise swordfish represents but it’s getting your attention.