🦋 The Inner Worlds of Lucid Art with Dr. Fariba Bogzaran

Andrew’s interview with Interview #35 - Fariba Bogzaran is a real treasure. She’s given me the motivation to go back over my last two, three years of writing down dreams, most of which I can understand, despite my poor handwriting. I’ve never had a pre-cognitive dream, although I did have one that awakened me minutes before a disaster, so maybe that qualifies. Can’t believe how rich this dialogue is. “I try to have one highlight each day!” She even mentions the importance of dream sharing with family, which provides welcome reinforcement for the work of our excellent Dream Sharing Group. The only interview in this series that I have ever listened to again right after the first hearing.

In this interview she discusses The Inner World of Lucid Art, a topic that seems to br of interest to several Night Clubbers, me included. You can also check the Lucid Art website for more information.


Is that her artwork in the into? Very impressive!

Looking forward to watching this, her interview with Andrew is one of my favorites.

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We have some people in the Night Club who might be interested in the Artist in Residency Program.