The value of owning more books than you can read

Here is an informative and playful article that really spoke to me: it’s about the tons of unread books we have on our shelves that are worth collecting even if you never read them. Any bibliophile out there will relate to this one!


Reminds me of an essay I read in high school, before the turn of the century. It is called On Unanswering Letters by Christopher Morley.


This totally speaks to me and feels very liberating! Thank you Alyssa.


I have always considered librarys like graveyards, except in librarys, you can hear the dead speak.

I think you can say the same about personal collections as well.

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Saw this at the “Drugstore” Maybe written by a Salem Witch?

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That would be my guess as well :wink:

Roxie the witch, got a nice ring to it

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It’s not for no reason that neighboring states refer to Massachusetts residents as “Mass-holes.”

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