What is information - a semi-lucid discussion

Out of tonight’s semi-lucid dream:

I am debating with a dream character on the core definition of what Information is.

Picking up on a point the man made before, I say:

„So, information is actually patterns which are being recognized by a perceiver as patterns which are meaningful to the perceiver.“

We discuss further on the example of a four digit binary number. Something like: 1010.

This number represents the number 10 because the perceiver recognizes the pattern and attributes meaning to it…

… dream fades


After awakening, this led to a couple of further thoughts:

So if this generalized definition of information applies, what implications does this have?

Also, @Andrew recently mentioned something along the lines that „there is only relationships“…

So, is the triad-union of a) information (the perceived) and b) the act of perceiving by c) the perceiver a universal relationship of our reality?

The triad is a union, without any one, the other two do not exist.

There are no objects but only experiences of objects which are defined by the triad?

A universe of patterns (and non patterns) that are perceived by a perceiver by recognizing the patterns…