Whispers of Wisdom, 4/29/22

You can imagine that between this moment now and the next moment there is a stretch; then it is really space by which you are representing time. When you say “ahead of me is the future” that is a spatial analogy. You imagine the future stretches ahead and the past is behind. But the past is nowhere. The future is nowhere. Still, your experience is that “back there” is the past and “ahead of me” is the future.

David Bohm | physicist

This is a description that really resonates with me, never heard anyone put it quite like that. Very inspiring.


I liked the one before that, as well:

What else is there to be aware of? Your memories are all in the present, just as much as the trees over there. Your thoughts about the future are also in the present . . . The present is just a constant flow, like the Tao, and there’s simply no way of getting out of it.

Eleanor Watts | wife of Alan Watts