Wondering if there is someone who dreamt about being an Alien

I am studying non-linearity and got to the understanding that everything exist parallel. I opened a YT and listened to an awesome story of someone becoming a tall white alien. I never heard about someone able to shift into a lifetime of being an alien.
I never had such a dream - and my question is: Is there anyone out there who dreamt or astral traveled to meet your past or future self similar to this?
[Meeting My Past Parallel Grey Alien Self - YouTube]
Or in any book? I would appreciate very nuch

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Interesting question!

The only dream I ever had about outer space/aliens was being on board this spacecraft where this alien man/warrior was burnt to a crisp and proceeding to microwave people. I was disturbed by what he was trying to accomplish and I remember trying to warn people to leave the ship as he was attempting to make us all like him, burnt to a literal crisp by using microwave technology.

Super weird dream I know and I remember it from over 25 years ago!

  • Chantal