4th luicd dream since joining

Last night I had my 4th lucid dream since joining this site last April. It was very short, and when I became lucid I lost stability of the dream and woke.

The reason I wanted to mention it, was becuase I think Galantamine helped produce the LD, but not in the traditional usage of it. Becuase it is so stimulating, I am unable to fall back to sleep after taking Galantamine. So using it for Wake back to bed is not possible. But I have been taking 1 or 2 4mg pills in the morning, on days when I am extra sleepy, and need a pick me up.

Yesterday Afternoon I was very sleepy, but still had a lot of work to do, so I experimneted with taking 3 of the 4mg pills around 2 in the afternoon. I ended up in bed and asleep around 11pm. The resulting dreams were very very vivid, and I remembered much of them, except for the LD, which I remember very little of. What was very unusual was that the lucidity came in the first dream of the night, not the last one which has typically been the case in the past. I think the Galantamine was the culprit.

@py_by_the_bay , this method may work for you if you are also still having trouble getting to sleep on it. Would try 4mg for a few days when you are feeling extra tired, and need a noon pick me up, then after a week or 2, move up to 8mg. Would not reccomned taking 8mg daily if you are new to the drug, one becuase it is very potent, and 2, becuase it might start to loose its potency as your body becomes more tolerant to it. Best to use sporadically on special occassions when you are very tired and in the right state of mind for LDs.

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Just a note, the “traditional way” of using galantamine is for Alzheimer’s patients to promote daytime clarity and clear thinking. Someone in the past found it useful for lucid dreaming and it has caught on in a small way. I’ve also used it in the daytime but it has never worked in naps. I get your meaning, though, traditional for attempting lucidity. So glad you had the experience. “Tradition” is a great song from Fiddler on the Roof. Do you know it?

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Thanks for sharing your experience!