A Bunch of Lucid / "Dream Engineering" papers available

In this Twitter thread, Michelle Carr links to a bunch of papers on lucid dreaming / “dream engineering” that are temporarily free to download. They can be downloaded individually or as a zip file. Some of them sound very interesting.



Thanks Arthur. Looking forward to reading them, mostly for the techniques they used. Some have already been referenced here (Flying) but it’s great for us to be cognizant of the latest research.


Thanks for sharing this @ArthurG - excited to take a look!


Transcranial AC stimulation.

Like DC --> AC.
'Lectric shocks! :wink:

It seems transcranial zaps via electricity or magnets is being looked at for more than just movement disorders.

If I’m twitching, just hit my head w/ a mallet. A rubber one. I might wake up.

And if asked “were you dreaming” - apparently I’d respond more to the negative than if asked “what were you dreaming about?”

A study I may or may have not posted - the nature of the question precipits (right word?) the recall ability.

(why fMRI’s aren’t allowed in a court of law - “leading questions” change everything)

The power of the open question…

And using questions to lead the mind in a certain direction!

  • Not for NLP or manipulation or Dark Psychology or anything crazy.

I’m catching on!!
Well, just how to peek my nose out of this rut called my life.
Long ways to go before I can access the ‘rest of my life’.
Ups & downs.

Thanks for sharing.
New levels of dream hacking!

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