A poem on Dissolution

Ocean of Oneness
How deep is your love?
Is it like the ocean?
What devotion are you?

Is that a question or a challenge?
To answer this I must dive
How can one know the depth
if they have not yet touched the bottom?
In all my rapture I dive deeply
I exert all my strength
The further I go
The faster I flow
The more I know
The more the dangers grow
One does not free dive without risks
The pressure of the depths
Squeezing the air I have
Thoughts racing, clamouring for my attention
Go back I cry,
I cant breath, your gonna die!
Hush! Be quite! I reply
Your end is written
And it shall pass no matter what wave is ridden,
If we must die, then at least we die in the ocean.
Were we to die on that land
We would mix back with the sand
Turning back into dust and clay
At least if we die here in the ocean
The water will melt our humaness away
As we dissolve into our pure essence.


This is a wonderful piece! It flows beautifully from image to image leaving me pondering the nature of the human essence.

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Made me think of a book from my college days, Sensitive Chaos by Schwenk, which delves into the underlying forces that underlie the physical and non-physical world.

One (negative) review states,This book starts off as an engaging scientific description of the movement of water: the formation of circulating systems, waves, and vortices, and the rhythmic nature of these movements. From there it gets New Agey, calling water a “sense organ,” claiming that it mediates between earth and cosmos, and imbuing it with spiritual properties and a sort of will or life-force.

Yeah. Loved the book!