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It has a thick oily consistency, so if the bugs are bad you can rub it on quite thick. Seems to be fairly effective for a natural herbal product.


@fenwizard have you used it on day trips or on camping trips?

Did it clog your pores? or not for use on face?

I am wondering if the oil absorbs on skin, or by day 2 +, if you put on a second layer it would clog the skin?

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thank you so much for your care!
she’s also very careful and 73 years old! - very wise… she also cultivates other plant medicines… and she definitely knows what she’s doing.
interesting enough, every time I speak with her about these things, she’s also very cautious :brown_heart:

uhuuuuu… it’s like taking a medicine plant… she does it very seldomly and in very small doses.


Yes, I’ve also heard that nicotine taken internally can be hallucinogenic. It’s tricky to get the dose right so you get the effects without killing yourself.


Yes they are “authorized” and aligned with Lakota teachers, but this is a Mexican lineage, with roots all over the world.

@NightHawk999 yesterday we had an extra fifth door on the sweat lodge dedicated to send blessing to the ones who are going to the Sun Dance in Mexico in July… I stayed until the end, inspired by the synchronicity of you sending the videos about the sun dance!.. it was AMAZING! thank you :brown_heart:


Wow, I didn’t know that there were Sun Dances in Mexico. My wife attended a Sun Dance many years ago in Arizona. She was adopted into a Native family and one of her adopted brothers is a Sun Dancer. It is quite a difficult and hard spiritual practice!


I learned yesterday that only those who feel like doing the flesh offering, do it. When they do such a thing, it comes from deep within - an inner knowing + calling to be doing it. They do it for themselves and their path - not just for women and their mothers, as it was explained in one of the videos @NightHawk999 shared.

yes, there are :heart_eyes: every year, in July. The lineage I’m connected with is “Raizes da Terra”.


Heard the same think about Purple Foxglove


Where in Mexico and AZ do these do these dances?


I was told by a Cherokee Man about sun dances.

He looked at me like I didnt believe him when he told me about the flesh offering (I did), but not believing me, he lifted up his shirt:

There were at least 2 pairs of scars, one much more visible than the other.

He said for first timers, they dont go deep, and typically pierce the skin, and very little (if any) muscle.

The second time they went much deeper, and cut into the muscle.

One of the most difficult I have heard of.

A true test of devotion to God.


What makes a bucking bull buck? | ABC Australia

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WATCH: Bull jumps

Smart Bull


I’m not able to read the story about foxglove because Medium wants me to pay to join in order to read it. But I’m familiar with foxglove, it grows wild in my yard and it’s very common around here. But I wouldn’t want to mess with it! Years ago I talked with a guy who was into foraging wild foods and herbs and he decided to try eating a little speck of it “to see what it would do” and knowing that it was poisonous in larger quantities. He said that it felt like his heart was “beating out of my chest” for several hours and he was afraid that he had poisoned himself and would die. He said he would never do that again! And nothing hallucinogenic or trippy about it. My wife takes digoxin, by the way for heart arrhythmia, so one’s person’s medicine is another person’s poison. And she takes the pharmaceutical kind that is carefully dosed.


No need to watch the full clip, but the opening 5 min I thought was insanely creative:

If the name of this youtube channel doesnt make you laugh, I dont know what will…
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Beautiful Synch today, when I listed to the baby we made, I had my windows open, and about halfway through it, a butterfly landed on a tree branch about 7 feet from the window.

It chilled there not moving its wings, and flew away after the air went quiet.

A close-up of a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly on a flower Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio glaucus ) sitting on a yellow flower (Papilio glaucus) against a blurred green background. Butterfly - Insect Stock Photo


Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio glaucus ) sitting on a yellow flower (Papilio glaucus) against a blurred green background.


(A few days ago I was thinking to myself I had not seen this species at all this year!)

Talk about perfect timing for him to make an appearance
:heart_eyes: :pray: :heart_eyes:


AMAZING! :heart_eyes:
we are AMAZING!
look what I found…


OMG this is so Amazing!!!
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" Butterfly symbolic meanings: Inspiration, intuition, higher consciousness, transformation, resurrection, flashes of insight, power of beauty, strength in vulnerability.

Specific butterfly species may carry additional meanings. Here are my thoughts on the Tiger Swallowtail:

Tiger Swallowtail Totem: Integrating One’s Power

Did you know that the Tiger Swallowtail has two color morphs, black and yellow? I didn’t know until recently that all males are yellow – only the females sometimes appear in black form. Also, only the females (of both color morphs) sport the beautiful silvery blue crescents on the bottom edge of their back wings.

It speaks to me of the special connection women have with the moon. And whether you’re a man or a woman, the ability to balance and honor both the solar (masculine, proactive) and lunar (feminine, intuitive) aspects of your inner being.

Yellow. The color of the sun. Warmth, light, vitality, action! Yellow is also the color most associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the power center of the body.

Black. The color of night. Rest, dreams, that which is hidden. This is the realm of intuition, and regeneration.

With its vivid black and yellow stripes and dots, the Tiger Swallowtail speaks to us of integrating these two aspects of our selves. Black on yellow, yellow on black, rhythmically interspersed with each other.

This is the rhythm of the universe. Day, night. Inbreath, outbreath. Wake and sleep.

Traditional cultures honor this rhythm. They set aside time to rest, time to pray, time to heal.

Our society tends to put a premium on action, at the expense of rest. It’s a 24/7 world now, and many of us push ourselves ruthlessly to keep up.

Do you find yourself running on caffiene-laced fumes? Routinely pushing through to find your second wind?

It’s good to test our limits once in a while, but we weren’t made to do it day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. We think it’s a sign of strength. But sooner or later people who do this hit the wall. Burnout. Adrenal exhaustion.

Tiger Swallowtail reminds us to honor our natural rhythms.

Feeling blue, or in a black mood, is often just our body telling us to take it easy for a bit. If you find yourself feeling tired, cranky or sad, give yourself permission to let down for a while. Schedule “down time” into your calendar. Take an hour or a day or a week off if you need it.

No offense to men, but I think women have to be especially aware of our body’s need for rest at certain times. By honoring it, we honor ourselves.Yes, it means acknowledging that we are vulnerable.

But when we embrace that vulnerable side of ourselves, love it, and give it what it needs…

Wow! That’s allowing ourselves to tap deeply into our power to revitalize our lives…so we can take wing as the beautiful souls we truly are."

I got the sex wrong, looks like the males are yellow (sun), and females black (moon)

:sun_with_face: + :new_moon_with_face: = ???



“a rare white buffalo”

OK @_Barry , you got to stop with the synchronicities. I have been debating all week on whether to post some pics of me here that were taken early in the Spring. @sky Bob sharing with us really inspired me to open up a little. This is a very meaningful memory for me for many reasons, and its one of the few animal communication memories I have been able to get pictures of. I was so moved by @BlessingsDeers pics of her with the horses, and of @Parhelion s memory of her furry friend that passed, @Bianca_Aga sharing her forest meditation experiences, and so many other people’s stories and experiences that I think its time for me to share a little more. Also our dear friend @fenwizard has the spirit of the Bull strong in him, so I hope yall will not make fun of my winter chub fur coat I pack on every year, or my poor fashion choices (I hate floral patterns on clothes, this is the only shirt that has it that I wear, but I love Yin Yang symbolism, and it was on sale for $8 at Walmart :star_struck:).
So heres the details of the connection:

Early in the spring I took a friend to go visit some Bison. Its a long drive, so I have only made the trek about 6 times in the past 5 years.

It was a hot sunny humid day by a large body of water, and the 3 Bison were chilling in their pasture and wanted nothing to do with the people around. The heat was so oppressive, and they looked miserable.

After hiking a trail for about an hour we came back and the Bison had moved to their Concrete 3 walled, 1 roof shelter to get out of the sun.

Because she had never seen them before I let my friend say hit to them through the chain window of the structure. She was so sweet talking to her. I have connected with the Alpha female on 2 other occasions, years prior during Covid. I told my friend about it and got the vibe she thought I was a fucking LOON. Which is ok, Loons are one of my favorite birds.

In my mind I had the intuition that I would not be able to connect with my friend around. And I had a strong hunch if any connection would be made, it would be when she gave me some space to get in the zone.

I was sending the Bison mental images and films to come up to me at the fence, and ‘breathe into my nostrils’ (how they say hello). Or to just come and chill with me.

10min later my friend went back to the car to charge her cell phone, I told her I was going to stay a little longer, and she said take your time.

A few min after she left I squatted down by the window she had said hello, and did not say anything, but tried to connect heart to heart using the white light technique and by relaxing and filling myself with love, and appreciate for these wonderful beings. @Bucket I am no Assisi, I am novice and cannot receive communications from animals, but I have had some successes with sending images and communications. Heart to Heart connection is key.

I think this is where the connection happened. I thanked her, and said goodbye. I had given up on trying to get her to come to me. (@Dream_Hacker , I had Divorced myself from outcomes!!).

I walked over to the fence, and said a prayer In the direction of the sun, thanking God for the wonderful day, and the blessings of being able to spend time with these remarkable souls and his creation.

About a min after that, the Alpha female I had connected to, walked out of the concrete house, over to me, and she laid down in the grass by the fence, right where I was.

I chilled with her for about 5 min then waved and called my friend over who was 2 blocks away. I could see it on her face when she came back, that if she had any doubt that animal communication was real, that doubt had completely disintegrated!

The rest of the story I think is better told with pictures:

[As I was posting these pics here, through the open window of my room, a Great Horned Owl began hooting off in the distance, after I posted the pics and wrote this it went silent. Just a coincidence :wink:]
@Michele1 I aked you to post some pics from your beautiful country, here are some from mine :star_struck: :

God is the greatest artist.

Never seen red, white, and blue bluffs like these anywhere else in the world

My dear Dharma friends, in a 100 years or so, should our paths cross at my Celebration of Life (‘Burning Man Festival’) I would greatly appreciate it if one of you share this story at the gathering. Thank you.

Animals have souls.
Please work hard to destroy the false narrative that they do not.


I had an intensely vivid dream just now about being in an area with beautiful bluffs :). I do not have outside dreams very often, so…we are clearly accessing a common wavelength :). I was just staring and them and staring at them, thinking about how they were formed through volcanic or tectonic action, looking at the swirls and chips and layers of rock all woven together, speaking with a woman who lies nearby them (waking life acquaintence). Then I go climb up them, climbing up a waterfall, with a group of children, we’re heading for the top :).