Thoughts on Dolores Cannon?


I explored Dolores Cannon’s stuff many years ago and there was a point where I needed help and a reiki practitioner that was trained by her happened to showed up at the perfect time. She was trained by her for QHHT (

This was a moment of my life where I literally said to myself “UT oh, here we go”.

I still see my reiki practitioner to this day, have a session tomorrow. Hopefully that helps show my thoughts on her.

Some of the books she wrote I have not read because the topics seemed to be far out and beyond what I was willing to explore and believe but she has also has some stuff I feel was channeled and connected to the, for a lack of better term, net of being.

She said in some of her discussions that she documented spirits coming through when she placed her patients into a somnambulistic state of trance for healing. The spirits would identify themselves and continue talking to her across continents through various different patients.

She also discusses about how karmic neutral beings have incarnated on Earth to help with the ascension that would be taking place in the coming years.

All interesting topics to discuss and I want to hear from unique backgrounds to understand how she is perceived outside of my own personal views.


“the GREAT CENTRAL SUN”, I love this name, kind of reminds me of the great Eastern Sun in Buddhism. :slightly_smiling_face:

Dude, you are not going to believe what happened today, another crazy synchronicity:

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I volunteer at a animal therapy center for disabled people once a week. This evening, riding my bike over to the center, I slammed on the brakes. On the ground was a bird, just sitting. I tried to push it off the busy sidewalk, many bikers, pedestrians and dogs walking their people, all frequently use. It didnt move or spook. Its eyes were open and it was alive. I figured it was injured, and figured the center might have someone who could help heal it.

I took the plastic bag carrying my water bottle, put the bottle in my pocket, and used the bag to carefully pick up the bird in my left hand. The bird did not spook at all which shocked me, and I knew it was alive cuz I could feel its heart beat.

I walked the bike with one hand and had the bird cupped in the plastic bag nest in my left hand. After a few blocks, I realized I was going to be late if I kept walking, so I carefully hoped on the bike, and rode it one handed in the street for the last few blocks.

Periodically while carrying it, I tried to send healing white light energy from my heart, flowing through my hand and into the bird. I have heard of Reiki before, but always been very skeptical. The older I get, the more and more I am a believer.

Long story short, I got to the center and a worker found a bin to put the bird in. I set it in the bin and after a few seconds it jumped up to the rim, and perched there. I was relieved to see it move, and was hoping that is a sign it is able to fly. The bin was on an outside 5 foot tall box, making it difficult for preditors to get to.

I went to do a lesson, came back 30min later and the bird was gone. No sign of it on the ground, and no signs of struggle with a preditor. Im pretty sure it flew away to the trees nearby. Not sure if the bird had just been in shock, but was pretty cool to send it the white light healing energy, and see it revitalized and fly away.

So when I read your post about the Reiki today, it definitely made my day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Did not check out her website, but I liked the video.

Not sure I agree with everything she says, but I think many of the points she makes are spot on.

Her talk on the 3 types of people is intriging. As is the part about signing a life contract.

“these people are supposed to be spreading energy to people, but they dont like people”
LOL, this is quite the paradox, but understandable.


4th post, could not post cuz 3 in a row, so had to edit this one and add this comment to it:

Great video from ET:

His comments on Sedona CA are pretty funny, and I think he is spot on. A lot on impersonators out there, but there definitely are legitimate people who are able to connect and channel.

ET and Andrew have both said the lady who did a course in miracles is legitimate, I agree with them.


Awesome, love it. You got a much more personalized experience with a bird than I but while I was walking inside to work last week there was this dove sitting on the railing. I started taking pictures because I thought it would fly away but as I got closer it just stood there looking at me. I was within 1 or 2 feet of it and got a really nice picture.

The dove looked like it was content sitting there so I kept going.

The mind is a powerful tool. Feed it good food and never place any limits on what it can do :heart:. Love this!


I really like this video too:

What Do You Think About Near Death Experiences? | Eckhart Answers

Short video, but he makes some really great points, and one liners.

“Consciousness does not have a plural”

“How anyone could explain the universe by using the vocal chords is beyond me, because after all we only have a few sounds…”

In regards to Dolores, I am very curious to learn more about the idea she shared about everyone signing a ‘contract’ before they are reincarnated. I have heard other spiritual teachers talk about this as well, and have been meaning to ask Andrew about it, but I keep on forgetting to ask.

Really great pic, you can literally see every tiny feather on the doves body, so beautiful. Did you see its wearing a green ankle bracelet by its left foot? I wonder what its for, maybe it escaped a lab where they experiment on animals? Who knows?

Amen brother.

Yes, but I did not notice this until I went to show the picture to someone. I did some research on it after seeing it and it seems this pigeon may be a homing or racing pigeon. People breed pigeons that are very good at navigating, take them to a set location, release them and see how long it takes for them to get home.

The band usually contains information about the owner and the pigeon.

Yes I found that interesting too. For her I believe she is referring to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd waves of volunteers incarnating. They willingly incarnated with guides to accomplish an objective, that objective was their ‘contract’. Their objective was to assaist in Gaia’s ascension.

Very cool, I did not know that about them.

I wonder if like in Game of Thrones, some people still use birds to send top secret messages. Far safer than email, or the postal service.

I need to ask Andrew about this, very curious to hear what he has to say.

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