I stole this video from a ‘deer’ friend of mine, I really love it, and think this guy is a genius:

Telepathy and Consciousness | An Interview with Rupert Sheldrake

I had not heard of Rupert Sheldrake until Andrew mentioned him recently a few weeks ago in one of his videos.

I believe the phenomena of Telepathy is very real, even if most modern day scientists do not. Ruperrt is one of the few scientists out there doing research and trying to bring this topic into the light.

Here is a video of Rupert doing a presentation for GOOGLE:

His studies with knowing when people look at you, even if your back is turned are really cool. Also his studies on dogs knowing when their owners will come home are pretty ground breaking.

Would love to learn more about Telepathy, especially about learning new techniques that help increase ones abilities to do this. :cowboy_hat_face:

Any links or videos that you have, or book recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I am also very interested in hearing your first hand experiences with Telepathy, or any stories that you feel are worth sharing.

I taught my old dog how to roll over using telepathy.


The Force of Habit: New Tests for Morphic Resonance


Is the Sun conscious?:

A Conscious Universe? – Dr Rupert Sheldrake


@NightHawk999 Telepathy! Cool topic to start a thread!

I have a story:
If I dream of a dog called Sid & you looked in my dream interpretation database it would say Sid=Telepathy.
My friends dog Sid, a Deer Hound cross, I often looked after him. One day we sitting next to each other on the sofa/couch I leaned my head on his head & in my 3rd eye watched a movie. Sid was watching his owner 50 miles away, who was sitting at his desk working. Obviously surprised I called my friend & yes he was at his desk.
Few years on Sid died. He came to me in a dream. He telepathically said “I’m not ready to leave I want to come back” and I knew to be with my friend for more lessons. Now my friend always had rescue dogs. I told my friend my dream but he was absolutely against having a puppy, didnt have time to train it. Long story short, after much searching for a rescue dog a Deer Hound puppy turned up for sale. My friend relented. We all knew it was Sid reborn/reincarnated into this puppy. His new name is Stanley.


Animals That Talk: Sheldrake-Vernon Dialogue 66

“in the Hindu tradition, one of the gifts, one of the Siddhis of advanced Yogis is understanding the cries of all creatures. Understanding animal languages and what they are saying.”

“Your wife, she is a cow.”


Love this story, been meaning to reply to it for a while.

I have a few great stories of ‘communicating’ with animals. Most of these stories Involve more transmitting messages, I have yet to successfully ‘recieve’ messages, I think this required a much more tamed and receptive mind, so congratulations on your success with Sid :star_struck:.

Will share the story of teaching my dog to roll over when I have more time to write it out, but here is one of my favorite stories, that really blew my mind about how perceptive animals are to the energies we put out into the world:

"bring up this topic because it involves Meditation, and Emptying the mind (having an Open mind), when trying to send and receive telepathic images.

I have not been able to receive any messages, but, I have had a few unique encounters practicing the techniques.

One of my first experiences was with a pair of swans in a forest preserve. I had never seen them out in nature before. It was early spring. I came across a couple by a wooded pond/slough, taking pictures of something. As I walked closer I realized they were taking pictures with 2 swans on the shore. I did not want to disturb the couple, so I waited for a few minutes, hoping they would take the pictures, and leave.

The woman was trying to get closer and closer to them, and squatting down, she slipped and fell on the mud. The swans spooked a little, moving closer to the water edge and the (assumed) male got in the water. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, I walked forward thinking they were going to scare the birds away before I had a chance to try to communicate.

The couple had a small pug dog with them, that was walking off its leash and eating grass, peacefully, not bothering anyone or the swans. I said hello to the couple quietly and then tried to focus on the birds and get into the meditative state.

I slowed my heart rate, and tried to connect on a deeper level. Within 20-30 seconds I was shocked by what happened next. The dog began walking toward me and stopped at my feet sniffing. The guy yelled at the dog and said “leave him alone, get over here”

The dog did not listen.

It did a circle at my feet, and then sat on the ground and lay down at my feet. I was really shocked. Thinking it was just a coincidence, but really blown away at this behavior, I continued to try and go deeper into the meditative state and connect.

(I think the birds picked up on the guys frustration) Because the other swan walked into the water joining the male, and both starting to paddle away and once they got deep enough, graze on the pond vegetation.

The couple left. Once they were gone I tried again to get into the meditative state. Not sure exactly how long it took but in about 3-5min, the female swan starting to swim back closer to the shore line, and then walked back up where I was, about 10ft away. The male stayed out on the water, but paddled in closer a little more.

I was dumbfounded. Coincidence? Twice? I was starting to think maybe not.

Then the male came onto the shore and joined the female. I was blown away. I mcouldnt get any messages from them (i figured my mind was still too cluttered), but the experience is something I will never forget.

Crazy, I know, but I thought I would share, because I feel in doing so, it may make others who have had similar experiences come and share theirs as well. I have a few other experiences, that I look forward to sharing another time. Hoping any readers of this, will read with an open mind, and an open heart. I truly believe in the power of meditation, and it is a lifelong discipline, that only becomes more and more refined with time, and practice.

The book where I first read about this stuff was called STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSES MOUTH by AMELIA KINKADE."


@Bianca_Aga appreciate you introducing me to Rei, this video actually corresponds to a question I asked Andrew last year, “how do you discriminate between intuition vs egoic thoughts?”:

Is It Intuition or Imagination/Ego? 5 Signs to Tell You That It’s The Ego, Not Your Intuition.

Loved this video too, and I think you and @BlessingsDeers will like it. (Resonates really well with Dr. Sheldrake’s wisdom and research):

You Know You’re Awakened When… (What It’s Like To Be Spiritually Awakened)



The story that happened 6yrs ago about my friends dog Sid telepathically spoke to me in my dream one night. Ive not been able to have clear telepathy with an animal in day time waking.

Its a lovely story & experience you had with the Swans, my dream sign for the Soul.

You will find if you walk or sit in nature with emptying your mind (no thoughts) nature comes closer. If you walk pass a field with sheep, cows they will often run away but if you dont look at them with no thoughts they usually stand still. Its as if our noisy mind disturbs the air :smile:

I use to go to a country place to meditate for many hours. When in deep meditation, wild animals like foxes, badgers, squirrles, some wild ponies & many birds would come really close as if i was invisible. But as soon as a thought entered my mind i startled them and they ran/flew away

Actually i can’t own that introduction. I was guided by Devine and posted it, so you can thank the spiritual guides :wink:


Also sacred to Apollo, who is tied to Asclepius

I have noticed this with horses too.

Love this!

In my experience, wild animals require a much more quiet mind if you want to get close to them than partially domesticated, or domesticated animals. Is the story from the movie Little Buddha about the cobra and Buddha true? When he meditated and the snake opened its hood to block the rain?

I have noticed this too, especially with deer while out hiking on trails. Its really amazing how sensitive they are to the slightest thoughts. I have not meditated for more than an hour. Part of me wonders if when you get very still for an hour or many hours, if the animals are almost drawn to that energy, and come to either subconsciously or consciously investigate it.


this is one of my dogs - Solimar.

He is a “healing dog” :slight_smile: I once did a consultation at the beach and he came in the right moment to touch the person and comfort her :star_struck:

He indeed has telepathy capacities :slight_smile: :dolphin: when people come into the house he touches them with his head in a cuddling hello vibe :slight_smile: people totally melt with him.

He has also taught me about healthy boundaries and always taking care of me first so that I can be in love with him, every time we’re together. I have also understood better with him, how important it is to have a whole team supporting him. I could not do it alone… he has two trainers and us three here supporting him - my mother gives him food, my father goes walking with him most of the times, and I go out with him when I feel he needs to. In the beginning it was mostly me taking care of him, because of his puppy needs. We created a deeply strong connection in the first two years (he is now three years and nine months), and it is stronger and stronger, telepathy between us included, even though I don’t spend so much time with him anymore - that was also an important teaching for me, giving passion a deeper meaning - passion can create a strong bond that then stays forever.

thanks for sharing Rei’s videos… I enjoy how simply things are explained :slight_smile:

PS: And here’s a really cool synchronicity…
a few minutes after writing this a friend who is at the moment in Mexico, sent me a beautiful picture of their celebrations:

And I “confessed” to her that today I shared about Solimar, without thinking about today being the day of the dead… and that sometimes we (specially my mother and I), have a strong feeling that Solimar is the reincarnation of my son… and that life has given me the chance to it differently with Solimar… and honor my lessons… AND… TO PLAY… we have SO MUCH fun together. this dog is a huge blessing in our lives :slight_smile: one day I will share about the other dog that lives with us… Nina :wink:



:pray:t2::purple_heart::man_fairy: i just read this (8:30 uk) and hugely tingled

Thanks for the reminder, i too forgot. Very beautiful photo of the celebrations.


How wonderful you have such a beautiful :dog: family member and soul to assist with your healing modalities.


I LOVE your tinglings… uau! hihihi


Love this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I too forgot today was sacred in Mexico.

That pic with the candles is so beautiful. It is on my bucket list to visit and experience this day in Mexico :cowboy_hat_face:
Not the best movie, but love this scene:

Been a while since I saw it, @Bianca_Aga I forgot the ‘void’ part of that clip at the end.

@BlessingsDeers , did I tell you I saw two liscense plates about a week or 2 ago, one said “007” the other “Sphinx 4”, I wondered who the 4th might be?

Guess what arrived in the mail the other day?

The cover is really beautiful I did not open it until today… I wonder if it was one of your loved ones guiding me to do that.


uau!.. it has arrived :sunrise: so early :slight_smile:
So wonderful.
That cover was worth months of devotion to bring out all the details :dolphin:
Thanks for sharing.
I hope you enjoy…
If you go to synchronicities you will find some of the magic and enchantment that made this book alive and published :slight_smile:

About the sphinx… yesterday, in class, Robert Moss shared that he has a book with several references to ancient Egypt elements for astral journeys: Dream Gates.

As to the video… I wonder why he kissed the woman, and in the way he did… hesitating and then doing it as if he was eating a fruit, not connecting with her… I LOVED the part where he just slides the broken wall instead of fighting against it. I think 007 is a Lucid Dreamer :star_struck:

007 was one of my role models for a long time… (I’m serious). When I volunteered in Africa (Mozambique) in 2000, and was asked who was one of my inspirations I mentioned him… my students were VERY surprised… hihihi… I highlighted his service to the world, charm, devotion, adventurous spirit, confidentiality power, brilliant motor skills, highly focused and intelligence.


Yeah it is a work of art. High quality material too.

Yeah its a great scene. Not the most romantic :upside_down_face:. Can you see how it kind of represents the 3 poisens of passion, aggression, and ignorance, before falling into the ‘void’?

Great minds think a like :wink:


So true. This is what Rupert Sheldrake said about his studies. That the closer the bomd was between people, the increase in telepathic communication.

Great video of you white angel. Very cool he is part of yoir entire family, I am sure he appreciates all the love.


all this love is sometimes so different that only a dog can truly handle it all in such bliss and higher love… :slight_smile: he has shown us how we can be complementary… huge teaching.