Bardo videos

Hi friends. Maybe you would be interested in these bardo videos. Enjoy

Super clear (on when we see clear light, when deities etc)

This one is on dissolution of elements

Death stages meditation. I guess this is a good daily meditation to prepare

He has 4 episodes


Thank you so much! Really appreciated :heart_decoration:


From Garchen Rinpoche, one of the best.

A message from H.E. Garchen Rinpoche ~

Everyone likes to touch my body, but not everyone can always touch me—there are just too many people. Therefore, I have created the wristbands as a substitute for touching my body. Inside the wristband is a liberation-by-touch mantra, which is the essence of the hundred peaceful and wrathful deities of the Secret Mantra. They are all complete within the liberation- by-touch mantra, and this mantra is also the essence of the six buddhas who tame beings in the six realms of samsara

On the outside of the wristband is a liberation-by-seeing mantra. The Buddha realized that on the ultimate level, buddhas and sentient beings are inseparable. Thus, he said that whoever sees this mantra just once purifies the temporary obscurations of three hundred million eons. From the time in 1981 when I first obtained this liberation-by-seeing mantra until today, whenever I receive even just three dollars, I use the money to produce liberation-by-seeing mantras, so that I can pass them on to others. There is not the slightest difference between wearing this wristband and touching my hand, and in the future, I will be together with whoever wears this wristband. So you should think that touching these wristbands is the same as touching me.

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