Brave New Void? The Fearless Sale of Your Nonexistent Soul!

Last one from last night, “I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it”

Worth noting my replies here were written by me.

Then I put my reply into AI and asked it to neutrally reflect the tone in the writing of @NightHawk999 the tone progressively got more intense. I was pretty taken aback at how AI interpreted it but rolled with it anyway :man_shrugging:.


Muse was my #2 band until I heard something within this song.

Listen to the this song closely without looking at the spoiler. Then click the spoiler and listen again. :thinking::hear_no_evil::thinking:

…vampires, eww :smiling_face:

thought contaigen = “con satan”

Such a nasty double tongue, thought contaigen that states thought “con-(jure) satan”

Add a picture from their tour…

One I sent to my Jehovah Witness friend was questioning the following one which I found interesting…

Namaste = an annogram? Reorganize those letters - me,satan ÷ ah that is a stretch, lets forget about that one :smiling_face::alien::smiling_face:.

I give Muse a thumbs down just out of principle any more considering what Matt said in this song about “Won’t reset until I’m possessed.”

Might just be superstitious who knows… :hear_no_evil:

Supermassive blackhole is another song I don’t like that much by them :man_shrugging:

"Now your nightmare comes to life

Dragged you down below, down to the devil’s show
To be his guest forever…
Hate to twist your mind, but God ain’t on your side

Men like you have such an easy soul to steal "



Some dark humor to those who can stay centered in neutrality :innocent:.

Many years ago I saw a documentary film about the Kumbha Mela, a huge gathering of yogis that happens in India every few years. This gathering is massive, tens of thousands of yogis and spiritual seekers show up for this gathering. So at this gathering in the film, the Dalai Lama shows up and is addressing the Hindu yogis. The following is my recollection of what he said, not an exact quote: “The Hindus speak of the ‘Atman’, the Soul or Eternal Self. We Buddhists speak of ‘Anatman’ or No Self. Atman/ Anatman, two sides of same coin!”



Beautiful metaphor


I like this idea when it comes to comparing the two on the same coin.

On one side, we have a shiny, elaborate image, representing the intricate, eternal essence of the soul as seen in Hinduism. And on the other side, well, it’s just a smooth, blank surface – signifying the Buddhist belief in the absence of a permanent self.