Hello From the Coast of Oregon
Having PTSD I don’t meditate. But I am intrigued by making the unconscious conscious, and vice versa.


Welcome the the Nightclub community.

Lots of opportunities to deal with PTSD and other issues with Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga. Without knowing any specifics here are some recommendations to consider. I wish these were options Fifty years ago when I left the military, but for folks today, the possibilities for help are real and accessible.

Might I suggest listening to a few of Andrew Holececk’s interviews with experts that touch on issues such as PTSD and lucid dreaming among other things. You’ll have to be an Emerald or Gold member, I believe to hear most of them. Charlie Morley from England is a Lucid Dreaming teacher and recently spent time in the USA learning about and working with veterans and PTSD. His interview is here. In addition, interviews of interest include Kristen LaMarca, Judson Brewer, Clare Johnson, and Richard Miller. Miller is the person behind the Yoga Nidra therapy used by the Veterans Administration specifically targeted at PTSD. Lots more interviews are also appropriate, so perhaps other Clubbers can make additional suggestions too.