Hello from Connecticut

I am a retired hospice chaplain living in Connecticut. 48 years ago I was trained in meditation and yoga by a Swami from the Himalayas. I have been meditating every day since then. I have become interested in lucid dreaming. It is part of my practice that is still developing. For some time I have wanted to be a mentor to someone who is serious about meditation and would like to avoid spending decades doing trial and error learning. I know this is counter to our culture but I don’t believe in charging for teaching. For me it seems a waste of over four decades of practice to sit in my apartment alone and have so many skills and talents. I know this is bold of me to state what I would like to find. But I am 73 years old. I am running out of time.




Welcome to the Night Club Stephen. Have you used your meditation practices to cultivate lucid dreaming? Where are you in Connecticut?


Hello from CA. Being a chaplain for 48 years is a big deal. Hope you get out more and be with others. I make a point of it.
Wishing you the best.

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Hi Stephen–I’m curious about your experience with meditation for the past 48 years–and the fact that you’d like to share that with others. I’m a meditator, practicing Buddhist, though without a teacher in either area. I would like to find out more about your meditation experience, what pitfalls you might recommend someone avoiding, what most helps in cultivating a meditation practice… If you’d like to engage in some dialog, let me know how I might get in touch through a personal email/contact. Thanks! Virginia in NC (the state–but also a NC member!)

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Hey Stephen…fancy meeting you here! I’ve been doing lucid dreaming and working with Andrew for the past year or two. Let’s talk.