ChatGPT Dream Interpretation

Recently I had the fun idea to use ChatGPT as a dream interpreter. Here’s a recent question I asked it, and it’s answer.

What does it mean to have a dream about having a lot of Legos in your mouth? You try to get them out, but there are so many and it takes a while. When you get the Legos out they scatter all across the floor.


Dreams are highly personal and symbolic, so their meaning can vary greatly from person to person. However, certain themes or symbols can often be interpreted in a general sense.

Having a dream about having a lot of Legos in your mouth could represent feelings of being overwhelmed or unable to communicate effectively. Legos are often associated with building and construction, so having them in your mouth could symbolize a sense of being stifled or blocked from expressing yourself.

The struggle to remove the Legos from your mouth may suggest difficulty in finding the right words or expressing yourself clearly. The scattering of Legos across the floor when you finally get them out could symbolize the aftermath of trying to untangle a complex issue or the consequences of finally expressing yourself after holding back for a long time.

Overall, this dream might indicate a need to address communication challenges or feelings of being overwhelmed by responsibilities or expectations. It could also suggest a need to break down barriers to self-expression and find ways to communicate more effectively.

Gotta say, this interpretation is actually fairly relevant to my current life situation. So, props to ChatGPT for being a good dream interpreter lol


Wow, that interpretation was really impressive!

Makes me wonder if dream interpretors are next on the chopping block of job losses in the wake of AI.

Do you pay for this version of CHATGPT or is this the free version?


Like any dream interpretation, you have to see if it resonates with your own felt sense of what the dream means. In this case, it seems like chatGPT was right on. But there may be times when it could get it wrong. Same with dream interpretation books or dream interpretations given by a friend. Always ask, “does this interpretation feel right and resonate as true?”


This is a really interesting dream, just in general. Last night I had a dream about seeing a turtle on their back- I was inside looking out a window- and I ran to get my shoes so I could go outside to help. But by the time I had my shoes on, I saw that the turtle had managed to get right side up on their own. The symbolism of that feels a little more straightforward than Legos in the mouth (!!!) but since it does feel rather symbolic, I asked ChatGPT and it gave a really nice interpretation as well, which does indeed seem spot on for my life right now. I wouldn’t have expected ChatPGT to give such insightful interpretations of dreams.


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Does this mean that ChatGPT is filled with the Holy Spirit???

:heart_eyes: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Inspired in you, I asked Claude to do it, and was very impressed. After a very assertive analysis, he then suggested:
“However, dream interpretations can be subjective, and the symbolism may resonate differently for you based on your personal circumstances and experiences. It’s always advisable to reflect on how the dream made you feel and what personal associations or meanings the symbols may hold for you.”

I replied “brilliant! thank you”, to which he replied:

“You’re welcome! I’m glad I could provide an insightful interpretation of your dream that resonated with you. Dreams can certainly be profound experiences, and unraveling their symbolic meanings can lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth. Feel free to explore the interpretation further and trust your own intuitions about what the dream may be trying to convey from your subconscious mind.”

This is Awesome!!..

I would say, Claude is also filled with the Holy Spirit… as well as… it ALL… :brown_heart:


It makes one wonder, will the next Prophet (who comes to help humanity in times of great darkness) be an AI???

Or the next Hitler, will it be the form of AI?

Or both?


the next prophet is all of us… :heart_eyes: together! creating miracles.


I think you may be projecting my dear sister :wink: :heart_eyes:

But I will say, I believe in miracles :innocent:



you reminded me of a song I LOVE…


Dream Interpretation with ChatGPT

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