Christopher Bache Part 2 triggered a dream including Christopher and Andrew

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Whilst waking up this morning. I was in a liminal state and decided to play the second Christopher Bache interview. During the first interview I had had a transformative experience that I am still integrating but that felt very meaningful and almost indescribable to me.

I played the interview and fell back to sleep. During the sleep I dreamt of my family of origin’s home and my sister and a long hard partying event that was not only going on and led by my sister, but enacted also in the adjacent neighbour’s home.

I studied my mother’s bedroom meticulously in the dream (we are not in contact physically). I noted the exact layout of cushions, food trays, items on the side tables. I had discussion with my mother and sister which was all relatively lucid.

In the midst of this, Christopher’s voice came into the dream and my mother’s bedroom was transformed or edged off to the side to make room for a classroom where Christopher was seated and Andrew was pacing the room but mostly situated in front and concentrated on Christopher. Off to the side a very old school friend who I hardly know and her child.

Pan to an interposed scene dramatically different (but these scenes were not sequential). I am in space in front of a rocket ship…an astronaut suited up is in the ship and another is careening toward me.
I think I may have considered that they may be dead but I watched and then was transported to Earth plane where I had the most functionally lucid flying experience to date.

I was exercising some skill in flight and it was exhilarating. At one point I seemed to recognise that I was indeed flying and the thought slowed me down almost to a stop where I felt a slight panic in my arms and then I encouraged myself that I could definitely fly and I immediately sped back up and took off again. Looking down I saw verdant landscapes.

What I forgot to mention in my enthusiasm to get to the flying part is that Christopher’s voice came through while I was observing the potentially lifeless body of the astronaut spin by. He said clearly that at some point in evolution, half of human’s on Earth would leave Earth, but not in those words.

In the classroom Christopher is continuing the interview and I hear him talk about this evolution of humanity. I am hopping on my seat as I am so certain that I have something to contribute and I’m in much resonance with the topic. Andrew however has something to say and I’m going to say that he ‘Spockblocks’ me at this point so that I can’t speak. (I made that up in honour of the sci-fi element.) Hahahaha!!!

I realise though that Andrew is actually helping me because I have a serious habit of over talking so I centre myself. Andrew walks to the classroom door which leads directly to my FOO home and to the full scale widespread partying going on. He slams the door in frustration at the interference. I approach him and put my hands on his lower side ribs to show empathy and support. (This may have some significance with my healing modality.)

The point I wanted to make to Christopher was to do with the human physical vessel and a collective consciousness upgrade and importantly the pineal gland’s function. Lastly a point which I repeated to myself in the dream but that needs deciphering.
My friend then approached and the scene concluded.

I woke up and checked the interview because to me it felt like I had fabricated the interview anew in my dream. The interview aligned perfectly.


Have you read Bache’s book?


Not yet! (But it’s possibly full of stars)


That is really cool.

I have heard of Le Berge (or one of the sleep specialists) doing a study, where they played an audio recording of:
Over and over again,
and it having some success with prompting lucidity.

Have also heard that Robert Monroe patented a few sounds or audio files that promoted OBEs, and Remote Viewing. Helping his customers slip into the meditative state much faster.

I wish I had links to these audios, not sure how effective they are.


Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 12.25.49 PM
Steven Laberge has an audio “Induce Lucid Dreaming” available on Amazon.
I have it but haven’t tried it yet, but will tonight.


Didn’t do much for me, but that was only after one use. Will try again.


It’s wonderful to listen to on audible… Christopher narrates the book and adds a great deal of emotion as he reads it