Chronic hyperventilation - causes sleep apnea?

On a fluke I heard about chronic hyperventilation on a ‘breathing better’ audio booklet. Put it on the “TODO” list to look into, but on another fluke ran into the website the audiobooklet mentioned.

The web cheat doesn’t include the ‘full list’: “Buteyko Clinic DVD set for people presenting with any of the following conditions: high blood pressure, stress, fatigue, insomnia, chronic hyperventilation, snoring and sleep apnea (See sample video chapters below)”

I bought the DVD about anxiety, it’s the same DVD/book with an additional book for anxiety, so I’m giving the original book to my Immuno (strong allergy & asthma for kiddos place).

CP = while breathing normally and relaxed, after an out-breath, don’t breathe back in. Just hold until the body complains. Count the seconds.

I’m about 8 seconds.

  • breath w/ mouth shut (vise grip, in fact)
  • breathing is inaudible
  • don’t snore (vice grip!)
  • DO have “air gasping” on occasion
  • Breathe using my traps (and shoulders are hooked around my ears)
  • Find myself holding my breath sometimes (weird)
  • Crave bubbly water!!! (CO2 - who knew!)

Is this, plus Janda’s “double crossed syndrome”, why my lungs are 150% the size they should be? Is this impacting my sleep? If I can remember to do the exercises, I shall report on the results.

May point to a mind/unconscious source of tension/anxiety that affects healthy sleep.

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Have you read Breath? I find it fascinating, helpful and right up the Buteyko alley.

Erm… < bashfully kicking dust on the ground >

I have an e-version of it.

Reading is something that’s not working right now. And e-books: out of sight out of mind. The picture triggered my remembering.

I got a couple audio programs, both on breath AND voice as they’re related.

I’m much more ambitious than I am capable, let’s just say that. I’m almost ashamed to admit how many physical books I purchased during the Bardo Immersion. Given I have 100+ that I really really REALLY want to read - and made it through Ch. 1 on maybe 1/4 of them. :frowning:

My curiosity is a source of overwhelm.

One would think I have the time, but things take me 10x longer than your average bear to do (like shower? How the heck did THAT become such a slow process? Write an email? - all day affair. Grocery store? - my list used to be ‘by aisle’ but now the list is incomplete and it still takes me 2 hours to walk out with max 4 bags of groceries). This I cannot explain. It is a symptom.

That’s why I’m in-and-out here. I had to finish drawing a Medicine Buddha before the class closed (yesterday). So that had to be my focus. I completed the light hesitant sketch and now have to darken all the lines. My posture gives me migraines, so have one today. So Medicine Buddha is still incomplete. Other students knocked it out AND used color! The class prior - “Drawing the Buddha Face” - I finished mine a week late after focusing 100% after chores etc. Other students drew 2!

(and rambling, OMG, can I ever stop?!)

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I listen to audiobooks when I walk. Usually at 2x. Finised it in a couple of days. Mentions that Russian breathing guy, progenitor of those DVDs as well as many of Andrew’s (perhaps) colleagues in dentistry. Good breathing advice at the end. His video page has a few you’ll recognize. Overall, I like the premise and would like to hear from Dental experts on his other assumptions.