Dream: Lemniscate and Communion

Dream – Lemniscate and Communion – May 11, 2021

I’m taking an ongoing spiritual class taught by an old couple (man, woman); setting seems to be a church meeting room. At one point a young man asks me to participate in an additional weekly peer meeting, but I’m not sure I like his manic energy.

At the end of the last class, the couple closes with a ritual in which we each come up to the table before which they stand, receive warm hugs from each of them, and they give us some thin, wafer-like (corn?) chips. I hug the woman, then the man, who tells me they decide, based on how people feel at this point, if they will have an ongoing class. I note that I feel sad at the ending, a feeling that I sense from much of the class (this feeling stayed with me for a while post-dream).

I go downstairs to retrieve my laundry, and in a small back room see a flat gravestone in the earth with a woman’s name – recalling the dream later I think, “It started with an ‘L’…was it “Lemniscate? Is that even a word?”

Post dream, sipping my Guyusa tea, I look it up:

Definition of lemniscate

: a figure-eight shaped curve whose equation in polar coordinates is ρ2= a 2 cos 2θ or ρ2= a 2 sin 2θ

History and Etymology for lemniscate

New Latin lemniscata , from feminine of Latin lemniscatus with hanging ribbons, from lemniscus


Lemniscate looks like this:


I’d like to have 1/10th of your recall ability Arthur. :grinning: Actually, that’s probably what I have. Make it 1/5th.

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Ha, well my dream recall fluctuates a LOT. Currently because of Jennifer Dumpert’s Guayusa oneirogen experiment, I’m more motivated…even so my dream recall this morning was “hmm, something about playing games with people, including a specific former coworker.”


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Have you ever tried flow charting habits to store your dream power?

Could you elaborate on what you mean by this?